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    24 Hours Not Enough? ...

    I reject this idea if for no other reason that it would make all of my watches obsolete. I can't imagine what an owner of a fine mechanical perpetual calendar watch might do.

    24 Hours Not Enough? See The Light, Pulses Of Bright Light May Reset Body Clock And Stretch The Day To 25 Hours - CBS News
    "(WebMD) Get ready for the 25-hour day. A new study, funded by NASA, shows that it's possible to cram an extra hour into the day.

    The researchers included Charles Czeisler, MD, PhD, director of the sleep medicine division at Harvard Medical School and chief of the sleep medicine division at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital.

    They studied 12 healthy young adults (average age: 28) who volunteered to spend 65 days living in individual rooms without windows, clocks, or any other time cues."

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    Re: 24 Hours Not Enough? ...

    Well, maybe not useful in giving 25 hours a day, but it's useful in trying to stay up late and sleep less!

    I'd buy a 25 hour "mars watch" if they ever made them....

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