3 Watch rotation Challenge
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Thread: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

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    3 Watch rotation Challenge

    Im thinking of slimming down the collection further, and was talking to a friend about this. We discovered that a 3 watch collection was not only practical but practically written in the stars!

    How so, you ask?

    48 hour power reserve. Many standard watch movements have some variation of 40-50hour power reserve. This means that if everything is automatic, and worn consecutively, a 3 watch rotation would perfectly allow each watch to be worn for a day and not run out of power. A 3 watch rotation would eliminate the need for a watch winder. Plus, you would be motivated to get as much wrist time in with each watch to ensure the power reserve doesn't run out.

    What would be your 3 watch collection?

    My current goal is:

    Rolex Seadweller 4000
    IWC Big Pilot 5004
    Calibre de Cartier in Rose Gold
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    Current Collection

    Patek 5110g
    Cartier Calibre W7100009
    PAM 111
    Rolex Milgauss GV
    Rolex Explorer I 114270
    Longines Evidenza Chronograph

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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    I probably don't even know where to start.... Great that you figured out a way. I will have to think harder, and maybe, come back to you after 3 days
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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    My current three-watch rotation consists of my dad's no-date Omega and two solar-atomic quartzes. Power reserve? Meh. ;)

    If I were to switch out the quartz ones for mechanicals, and then stick with Omega due to brand loyalty, I'd have:

    Dad's watch
    Speedy Pro (can't truly decide on which version)
    Seamaster Pro, probably in blue.

    I don't want to have to think about how much to wear each one, hence the SMP being the only one with a date. The other two can sit around for the week and, when I decide to wear them, can quickly be set to the correct time.

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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    The Big Pilot has a 7-day power reserve though so that means you can have a up to 7 watch rotation if they all have the same power reserve.
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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    Three? kind of hard,,,What do I do with all my watches? I guess I could donate them to the Allen Watches for Children Foundation(fake)
    I guess, Rolex Day-Date, Rolex GMT,Parmigiani Tonda 39.....But this is make believe,it'll never happen...
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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    I'm on a three watch rotation from Monday to Friday and can't stand it.

    I find one more watch is needed as your favourite can be worn twice, so a four watch rotation needed for the five day work week and a beater for the weekend.

    So imho, five watches is the ultimate collection.
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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    Slimming down to three watches would be a disaster of cataclysmic proportions but if it really came down to it then it would definitely be these three.

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    It is just a matter of time....

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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    Watch rotation?... What is that?

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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    See sig
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    Re: 3 Watch rotation Challenge

    I'm on a three-watch rotation most of the time. I wear an automatic MKII most of the time and have a solar G-Shock and an Eco-Drive that sit on the windowsill and get worn occasionally. I have a few other watches that I just don't wear that much and really should sell, but I don't think I'd get much for them.
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