3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?
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Thread: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

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    3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    First of all, I realize that 3,000 posts in 2 years seems like a lot, but at least half of them are bumps in the Sales Corner, and a solid 15-20% are WRUW posts. But yeah, I do spend a lot of time on WUS. Being active here is an essential part of my new hobby. I have learned an incredible amount, and ever since I canceled all of my social media accounts, itís the only place online that I find remotely tolerable. So thanks to all the members and Mods for running a civilized joint.

    Next, I thought Iíd do a very quick SOTC: I have too many gídm watches. Hereís most of them. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I think my next hobby will be photography.

    Name:  Unknown-41.jpeg
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    Name:  Unknown-43.jpeg
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    Name:  C3CE7D7F-1631-4480-A324-5E534046BB53.jpeg
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    Name:  8B05CBE2-B937-4960-A699-7416D3032C69.jpeg
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    My goal by the end of 2019 is to cut this number by 2/3rds ... to scrupulously track wrist time, and dump anyone who isnít getting in at least once a week.

    What do I hope to accomplish in the future? Well, as much as I enjoy selling watches, itís a pain to stash a 75-foot roll of bubble wrap, so Iíd like to cull the herd and keep it culled. Iím happy to report that for the first time in 4 years I donít have any incoming or outgoing watches! Nothing pre-ordered or back-ordered, nothing in the mail, either to me or being shipped to a buyer. I donít even have a short-list! Itís liberating!

    Which brings me to my LAST WATCH ...

    I decided my next watch must be my last watch and therefore a perfect watch. It has to have everything I want, and this elusive unicorn will make the idea of buying any watch afterwards completely superfluous. My perfect watch is an analog automatic chronograph w/a GMT-dual time function w/quickset main hour hand, day/date window, with a respectable movement, minimum 55-hour power reserve, 100M water resistance, A/m, anti-shock, screwdown crown, sapphire w/AR, with an OEM bracelet option, blazing lume, under 43mm x 50mm L2L x 14.5mm thick, and under $7k. It should be a classic design, evoking some kind of horological legacy, with Arabic numerals, a clean symmetrical dial, and great wrist presence. I have already started a thread for recommendations, but please feel free to leave your suggestions here, even though this watch definitely does not exist.

    Okay, thatís about all! Thank you all for welcoming me into this great forum, and I look forward to subjecting yíall to my next 3,000 posts!

    Cheers guys!
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Amazing collection. Congrats!
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Great stuff.
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?


    I need to follow on your steps and cut my Quartz by 8/10s LOL!

    But I have a tendency of letting things go!

    Sent from Cyberspace Central Command
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Hopefully they don't come out with some cool new watch designs that tempt you to go off track from your goal of downsizing:) Nice collection.
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    An Explorer for each wrist?
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Not a diver in the lot? It's a WUS miracle!

    Just move the Panerai to the first pic. Then keep everything in pics 1 and 3 and cull it a day.
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Thanks for sharing your story and your collection.

    Here is to your goal of having (approximately) a six watch collection by year's end and finding your perfect GMT watch.
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Unbridled enthusiasm ... love it ! Congratulations

    Suggest you not get wrapped-up in an arbitrary number. You may regret some losses. Go with the flow a bit and enjoy :>)
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    Re: 3000 Posts! Will he ever shut up?

    Congrats!! I enjoy all of your contributions!
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