500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

Thread: 500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

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    500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

    Hi guys, I've just reached 500 posts, and I'm also looking for a watchwinder under $200. Could you give me some suggestions? Been looking at wolf and Orbita. How are they? Anyway, enjoy some pics.

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    Re: 500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

    Grats and nice pics. About watchwinders, I reckon you can't go wrong with an Orbita. But you might find it difficult to find a wide range for under $200...

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    Re: 500 posts! (And looking for a winder)


    Check out thewatchprince.com He has both Euilex and Heiden winders. I do not know much about the Heidens, but I like the flexibility in the settings (both direction and TPD). I have tried to do some searches on them, but have not come up with much. Check the BDWF site, he is a sponsor and offers a discount for members.
    Biggest concern I have seen with winders is noisiness over time. Even some of the higher end ones seem to have some complaints.
    With your Rolee and Omega, it is important to be able to have flexibility in the programing of the winder. Even some of the better ones (eg Wolf) don't offer many program options.
    Some will argue that a winder puts more wear and tear on your watch. Comparing it to leaving your car running all the time. For me I am undecided at this point. I wouldn't mind having some of my less expensive autos on a winder just because of the convenience of not having to reset dates, but with my more expensive ones, I don't know if I want to risk premature failure.
    Another less expensive option is the Steinhauser winders.
    Let us know what you get, and post a review of how you like it.
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    Re: 500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

    Great shots Kyle, and congrats on the 500+ posts. As for winders, I don't think you can go wrong with Orbita. I've never bought one personally, just because I don't mind unscrewing the crown every-so-often and giving them a full wind. Anyway, I've heard great things about Orbita and if you can find one for a decent price, then I'd snag one up.

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    Re: 500 posts! (And looking for a winder)

    I've heard some rumblings about Wolf winders but I got mine second hand off the 'bay for $100 and its run like a champ for 6 months straight, no problems...

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