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    Thnx and pardon for the "mauvais ton"!
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    Re: Need help in evaluating a rare Roberge watch

    We don't do that kind of thing here.
    Any watches posted may be seen as gifts,borrowed or found property and not as personal property of Little Big Feather.

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    Re: Need help in evaluating a rare Roberge watch

    Gifts from middle eastern Royalty have come up for valuation here periodically. The quality of many of those watches indicates they are given out in large numbers. Please understand that rarity does not equal value. Unless it says 14k or .58 chances are it is not gold. The only way to obtain a realistic valuation is to have a jeweler evaluate it in person. Alternatively peruse Ebay for closed sales of similar watches. It is not possible to appraise a watch by pictures.
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