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Thread: Accuracy

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    I'm not really a accuracy nut even though I do own a time grapher. I use it to see if some of the older watches I buy need an immediate service. In December I picked up a brand new Longines Conquest GMT and it seemed a little fast. I put it on the time grapher and it was +25 sec. I decided to pass it over my demagnitizer. For the past two weeks it's running +2 both by time grapher and observation with the atomic clock. What I mean to say is it's +2 seconds a week. That seems really good No idea how long that will last but I think it's the most accurate manual I own right now. Better than my two Omegas and my Rolex by far. What's the most accurate manual you have?

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    Re: Accuracy

    My Rolex Submariner is my most accurate.

    I own four Rolexes in total, but my Rolex Submariner - which was my first Rolex - is my most accurate, at +1 second per day (on average).
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    Re: Accuracy

    If you own a timegrapher and a degausser then I'm afraid that you actually are a bit of an accuracy nut. (your term,not mine)

    The best remedy for less than stellar accuracy is to join any number of watch fora. It seems that once you do that ALL watches start running well within COSC specs.
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    Re: Accuracy

    I'll amit I'm an accuracy freek. Wasn't always one.
    But when HAQ came on market I made a mid course correction.
    No point in diiscussing the fact that Casio's Multiband 6 models
    are the cat's meow re: accuracy.
    But Bulova's models with 262 kilohertz movements are a close 2nd.
    My 2 Bulovas (96B231 and 232) have ganed no more than 2 secs +
    in last 6 mos.
    My thing is, why wear a watch if it isn't accurate????

    X Traindriver Art

    BTW Citizens model 8200 quartz engine is no slouch either!
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    Re: Accuracy

    My most accurate mechanical is SubC 114060, -0,4 sec/day and so far over 100 days without setting.

    My most accurate quatrz is Sinn UX, +0,1 sec/day. I set it twice a year for DST.

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    Re: Accuracy

    I haven’t reset my Explorer for at least a month and it is currently at -2 for the whole month!

    My Tudor seems to be about +3 per day.

    The Sinn and Speedy are both about +6-8 per day.

    Anything within +/- 10 per day is good.

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    Re: Accuracy

    My Omega SMP/Bond is the most accurate at +1.5 sec./day (all watches in the collection are automatics).
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