Accutron VX 200 has arrived.

Thread: Accutron VX 200 has arrived.

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    Accutron VX 200 has arrived.

    Last week, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on 'Yamahaki's one of watches.

    For the past 3 days, I even dreamt about watch arriving at my house.

    I am really happy with this watch and this is my first 'swiss made' watch.

    I got hooked on collecting watches last year and because i am a student, my budgets are pretty tight.

    However, I really wanted to say thanks to Sean.

    Sean. (If i am allowed to say your name) Thank you.:thanks You're the best and I really do admire you!

    Let's give him applause!

    P.S: I have digital camera that is older than my bed, and don't even know where it is. I am pretty sure it is at my house somewhere and could not take the pictures. When I get my grail 'Doxa' watch, I will post new pictures, of course then I have to buy new camera though.

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    Re: Accutron VX 200 has arrived.

    anytime. maybe best to put this in the deals forum though. I appreciate that you like the watch. I was happy to let some go to watch inthusiasts such as yourself.

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