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    Adelaide WUS GTG

    On Saturday the Adelaide contingent of WUS met up to celebrate the end of the year, talk watches, and enjoy a few beers. It was great to meet the guys, and also to see heaps of excellent and interesting watches that more often than not just aren't available to see in this city. All pics are courtesy of Cpt Bluebear - thanks mate!

    We met at the Treasury, which is the original Adelaide treasury building which has since been converted to duty as pub, restaurant, and hotel. The treasury is built around a central courtyard, which is the best beer garden in Adelaide IMO, especially on a hot sunny spring / summer day. Unfortunately it was a little cool on Saturday, but not so much it was unpleasant outside, and it's nice and quiet on a saturday afternoon so we didn't have to worry about our toys.

    Not a bad place to sink a few pints.

    And here we are (Left to right): Sam (Mr Floopy), me, David (Interested party), Alex (Axel F), Laurie (Cpt Bluebear).

    Another Adelaide WUS member, Segninol, couldn't make it becasue he was off to see Deborah Harry and the Pretenders! And a mate of mine, Clyde, joined us early on but had to leave. He's not on WUS, but has a SMP and I think has been bitten by the bug. Hehehehehehe

    Sam, wearing his brand new 'Final' Frogman and showing off his stunning Laco 55 mm Navigator. You should see the domed crystal on this one. Holy cow! That's his G-Lide in the foreground, and you can just make out his Tutima NATO chrono and Sumo in the background.

    "I wonder if my wrist will get any bigger if I take enough 'roids..."

    Alex brought along an absolutely superb diver-focussed collection, many of which are shown here. The big mother in its own box is the current Oris pro diver chrono. It is huge and has a stunning ceramic bezel insert and a trick bezel locking mechanism. A real surprise package.

    There are also a couple of Deep Blues (first time handling them for all of us other than Alex - very nice), a Steinhart GMT, Oris Ti diver, Tag carrera chrono, and Tag AR500. The Pelican cases are useful for keeping our drool off his beautiful watches...

    To the right are a couple of Laurie's PAM homages, one of which has the thickest, softest, plumpest, most supple strap I've experienced. Apparently the secret is to "soak it in Dubbin"!

    A better pic of one of Alex's Deep Blues, the Oris chrono, and Laurie's PAM homages. Slap a sapphire on the homages and they're very close to the real thing IMO. Very nice indeed.

    Laurie also brought along a 007, another Seiko (013?), and couple of other vintage dive pieces. Help me out here!

    Sam and his Tutima. I have a real soft spot for this watch, as it is the piece that introduced me to the world of mechanicals (it's damn nice, too).

    "Just give me the damn watch already!"

    "You know you're not getting this one back, right?"

    (insert humorous caption here)

    "Note to self: book larger table next time"

    "I might not have the best taste in shirts, but I know a good dive watch when I see one"

    "I don't care what you think - this is better than your Monster!"

    I don't know what that one is, but apparently I liked it.

    My current collection.

    Needs more Frogman!
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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Looks like great fun Toby! I should try this at my High School!!!! Or not.... All I would end up with is my divers and a bunch of calculator watches.

    Anyway! Looks like an experience to remember!

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Looks like fun; thanks for sharing!
    "Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation." - Bruce Lee

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Quote Originally Posted by jason_recliner View Post

    Laurie also brought along a 007, another Seiko (013?), and couple of other vintage dive pieces. Help me out here!
    Actually Sam's SKX-007, Astina quartz diver circa 1997, Mambo super-kitsch mech auto (probably Miyota movement) circa late 90's/early 2000's, Swatch Irony quartz circa early 2000's, crusty old G-Shock G-Lide DW-003 circa late 90's/early 2000's (still going strong of course).

    Thanks for organising the festivities Toby, and thanks to Laurie for wheeling out another expensive hobby piece with the Canon 7D for photo duties!

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Looks like you guys had fun. Those pelican cases are very nice! Do they come as a watch case or you have to customize it?

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    So, it seems that you guys have started a tradition. Great.
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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Always a good time at a WIS meet.
    I see there were quite a few boxes on that table. Never enough.
    Looks to be some happy campers there.
    Thanks for sharing.

    ps: I agree, never enough Frogman's.

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Quote Originally Posted by LJ_Santos View Post
    Looks like you guys had fun. Those pelican cases are very nice! Do they come as a watch case or you have to customize it?
    The Pro Diver case comes with the watch as a kit, it houses the strap changing tools, Ti bracelet, booklet and the watch. Then the whole case fits inside another very well made and presented box (probably only cardboard but still quite sturdy). The Deep Blue case also came with the watch (Ocean Diver 500) but is more of a storage rather than protective case. I guess it's better than nothing but definitely nowhere near as tough as a Pelican. The third case that holds 6 watches I bought off a fellow WUS member in the sales forum, it is a Time Tote case specifically fitted out with very good foam cut to suit 6 watches perfectly. Unfortunately I had some computer issues recently and I have lost all email messages so I can't give you his name but he may still be advertising in the sales forum.

    Also thanks to Toby for organizing Saturday, it was a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon and see some others "toys". This is something that could be held anywhere if someone rounded up some local like-minded fans. Let's see if any Get Togethers happen elsewhere in the world and get posted. Cheers.

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    I'm a bit late with this, but thanks to Toby for organising this and writing it up. Thanks to all who brought along their toys to share. It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon: drinking beer and comparing watches. Even if I did manage to get lost on the way there...

    Seeing my photos like this I always pick faults! Next time I must bring some lighting...

    @MrFloppy: that Mambo thing is so kitsch it's out the other side into cool! it's so kitsch-cool you could wear it without even a hint of irony

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    Re: Adelaide WUS GTG

    Adelaide is a beautiful city. I spent almost a year there in 1971. Looks like you guys had a great time and had lots of interesting watches to admire.

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