Adivce needed - Gift for my father

Thread: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

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    Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    Hi all,

    First of all, thanks for an awesome community and your endless insight into the world of watches.

    I see myself as bit of an enthusiast myself and own a couple of Rolexes, a Speedmaster and a few vintage pieces.

    My father and I have a great relationship and he has always been a role model for me. My father is not a watch enthusiast, but he understands my passion and for the last couple of years I have wanted to gift him a great watch - a watch he could use throughout the rest of his life (he turns 66 shortly) and potentially pass on. However, I know he would consider a 2 KEUR watch as excess. I am therefore looking to buy a great automatic "workhorse" that he can use all day around 1 KEUR. I am very unfamiliar with my options in this bracket. I have looked at Longines Hydroconquest, Certina DS Action, Tag Heuer and Alpina etc., however I cant help doubt the quality of these watches in terms of their ability to last and i do not quite feel the same historical presence as i do with Rolex, Omega etc. I may just be unfamiliar with these brands?

    What are your experiences and what are your recommendations within this bracket? Should i potentially look into used watches and if so, what should i look for?

    I appreciate your input.



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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    I’d be looking what Seiko had to offer in this price bracket.

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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    All of the brands you mentioned in your post are well respected by members here, so get what you want.

    You can use the search engine on this site to pull up a number of threads on any or all of those brands.
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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    Why automatic? You can buy high quality quartz with GPS/Atomic/Solar and this watch will be perpetual. No need for tinkering etc.
    Plus titanium/sapphire etc.
    Casio Oceanus/Citizen/Seiko
    Senior people did grew up with mechanical watches and happily switched to quartz back in the day and did thought quartz was cool and welcome change.
    Mechanical "Soul" thing is relatively recent PR.
    Having watch which is always on time/date without interference will be appreciated more than some stories about things which are totally irrelevant for general public.
    It should be special!

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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    I'm on the Seiko train here... I just picked up a SBDC059 but, if you're not into the green dial, maybe the SPB051 or SPB053 would work for you. Check 'em out.

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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father

    What are his interests, that would help locate a watch brand/type that suits him better.

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    Re: Adivce needed - Gift for my father


    Quote Originally Posted by sticky View Post
    Id be looking what Seiko had to offer in this price bracket.

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