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    Picture Advice on building a decent collection

    Hi folks,
    I've recently joined this forum after looking for a review of my birthday gift from my lovely wife - Tissot PRS 516 (apologies for the bad quality pic attached below) After going through the posts here, I have developed an interest in building my own modest collection of decent watches in the range upto 400 USD. Please advise me on how to go about it (e.g. is it better to buy one pricey watch per year or buy 2-3 low priced but good ones ??) Just for the record....I am more into complicated and retro watches. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    I'm not sure there is much more advice than to buy what you like but I'll tell you what I do. I keep a list with pictures and prices that I add to with each new watch I encounter and 'must have'. This helps me prioritize my (meager) budget and keeps me from too many rash impulse buys. It also allows me to decide whether to buy a few less expensive models or save for one of my more expensive ones. Finally, it provides me the chance to gauge whether my lust for a certain watch is infatuation or actual love...many have fallen off of the list as my tastes continue to evolve.
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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    Spend enough time on here and you will have a ton of ideas from all sorts of price ranges. I would start with a couple you really like for under your price range....I would also save up for a while and have some money on hand so when you see something you cannot live without for an incredible price, you can jump on it.

    I joke about the Watchuseek starter kit which includes one of each of the following brands: Seiko (monster), Stowa, Orient, G-Shock, .....eventually adding Sinn, Doxa, Omega, Ball......with some Enzo, Boschett, Ocean7 and Korsbek thrown in for good measure.

    Have FUN and keep us updated as your collection grows.

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    i say buy watches that you know you will never regret buying... that being said, do a lot of research and make sure you have to have what you are about to get. that is where WUS comes in!

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    Gift Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    Always go for quality over quantity, and build slowly.

    You will need at least one each in each category:

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    Well our collection here is spread over all kinds of variaties, From $$ to $$$$$, but the way our collection forumlated was we just bought what we wanted or liked at the time and a few that were a good deal, oringinally the collection was small but now it is very big and full of different types of watches, thats Casio to Rolex and Beyond, but id buy what you like, and budget for something you REALLY like. And nice Tissot.

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    Consider buying used. If you end up not liking a particular watch you will loose less money or none at all if you sell it.

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    Just run away from watch forums while you are not infected yet.
    Watchmania is a syndrome that is not easy to cure.

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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    I think reading about the watches can only give you so much of an idea how it would be to own one. I think nothing replaces personal experience, and that is how the seasoned collectors here arrived at their extensive collections I think - try out different brands, styles, and price levels, and eventually you will arrive at a niche you enjoy. For the pieces that don't measure up, thats what the sales forum is for.
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    Re: Advice on building a decent collection

    1. Aquire only what you like.
    2. Spend only what you can afford.
    3. Buy the seller before the watch.
    4. Be prepared for occasional disappointments.
    5. Enjoy yourself.

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