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    Advice on first big purchase please

    I am new to collecting watches but have already started my collection with a Marathon SAR (cyclops) and other SVA watches but want to make my first $1,000+ purchase/investment and would like simply to hear what everyone thinks.

    Situation: Prior military with all my watches in this theme and I would like a watch (automatic) that is versatile (casual and business attire) and that is a well respected proven brand.

    I have narrowed it down to these three choices:
    1. Fortis B-42 day-date (blue hands)
    2. Fortis B-42 official cosmonauts
    3. Lum-Tec Super Combat B

    All are auto/mechanical but there is one tempting alternative choice:

    4. Quartz Omega Seamaster

    The quarts is the issue at this price....

    So anyone own any of these or have any opinions to share I appreciate comments or even possible alternatives (would like to stay around $1,500) thanks and best site ever!

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    Re: Advice on first big purchase please

    I think you should look at some ORIS watches.
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