Are there any watches on the market with a the "chainmail style" mesh wrist band & a moon phase function? I've searched for over a month now but have been unable to find one in black. I have found at least on in sliver, and Ive found many minimalist mesh watches in black. However finding these features all in one seems to be elusive.

Is is possible to get a black moon phase watch and then later add on a mesh wrist band? I am hoping someone more familiar with the market may have an idea of where to look. Any help would be great!!

Below I have listed the watches I have so far identified that come close to what I'm looking for:
-Gosasa Gaunqin produces a Moon Phase with Mesh watch in Silver.
-Davis Watches also make a Moon Phase with Mesh model in Silver.

On Davis-watches website I see they sell 22mm and 24mm mesh wrist bands. Could one of those be added onto a separately purchased watch?