advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

Thread: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

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    advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    I recently came across a grail watch of mine: a Jaeger Lecoultre Master Hometime in Stainless Steel (the old dial with day/night indicator.) I decided to take the plunge and purchase it from a very high profile AD in NYC. Because I live in Philadelphia, I asked them to ship it to me to avoid the taxes.

    I bought it on January 29th, and received it February 2nd.

    However, when I received it, the bracelet had several large scratches on it. . . very noticeable on the polished parts.

    I brought it with me on my next trip to NY on the following Monday February 8th, and they sent it off to their jeweler to polish out the scratches. I picked the watch back up on February 12th.

    Sometime the week of Feb 22nd, it stopped working. It would run for an hour or two at a time, but then it would stop again. Winding seemed to have no effect. I brought it in on Feb 25th. The AD sent it off to be repaired.

    The following week, they were talking about possibly replacing it. On March 15th, they got in a replacement, but it was the new dial. . . I hate the new dial, and rejected their offer to replace it. They said they'd get my watch in right away.

    Last week, they said they'd have it back by April 2.

    At this point, I'm jaded. I really don't want the watch now, which is a shame because I was so excited to have it when I first got it.

    Should I fight to just say "no thanks?" Do I have any recourse through my credit card company? What's your advice WUS?!?
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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    wow. that is a tough one.

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Perhaps you will feel better after all this settles down? It sounds like you've had a rough go of it, and I know my instinct would be to bail out, too, but try to imagine how you'll feel after your watch is back and in good running order. How will you feel in about 6 months?
    I know I wanted to bail when my house flooded the DAY I closed on it, but I stuck with it through all the repairs and headache, and now my house is in better shape than when I made the offer to buy it.
    Just because it's your grail, doesn't mean that it will be immune to the same mechanical issues that any other watch faces. I think you should be patient and see what the final results are.

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Maybe you should take a deep breath, and consider if this was truly a grail for you or not. If you decide it still is, wait for the AD to have the watch overhauled (at their expense of course...they owe you a fully functioning watch) and just settle in to wait for it to arrive. That's tough, as we all know, but if you really want this watch, that may be your only option.
    It's so easy to get jaded when these things happen...been there a few times myself. Good luck with your decision!
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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Oh man, what a total drag. I've had a similar experience with being jaded with a purchase. You may end having to sell the watch on your own. In my case, the dealer was a middle man since the watch came directly from TAG Heuer. Trying to sell the Monaco now.
    BUT! Maybe the dealer can get you a watch you like at the same price?

    Good luck and let us know.

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Bummer of a story, but I have to say, if it was/is a grail, then it was/is a grail and you shouldn't be giving up on it.

    But, perhaps it was lust rather than love...

    You may have answered your own question about what to do ("...At this point, I'm jaded. I really don't want the watch now...").

    It's unclear from your narrative, but sounds like your original grail watch is out for repair? If so, why not wait until it comes back, and when you see it all nice and shiny and, hopefully, working, you'll be in love again?

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Tainted love. Nothing worse. Sorry to hear that, dude.

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    Watches like this should run forever... have them send it to JLC and fix it...

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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    When I purchased my grail (IWC Portuguese Automatic) from an AD, I immediately began encountering issues with the power reserve where the watch would just stop after a few days. Also found the watch was +12 seconds per day, which was way outside of the specs for such a fine timepiece. Had to wait 4 months for the watch to go down to Richemont, and then to Switzerland, but it was well worth the wait.. I love this watch as much or more today. Just takes some patience, especially when you are dealing with such an intricate object. My AD came through for me in the end, and worked to ensure I was a happy customer. Give them the opportunity, I think everything will turn out just fine, and once you have the watch on your wrist for a few weeks you'll remember exactly why you were lusting after the piece to begin with.


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    Re: advice needed on heartbreaking grail purchase

    I am completely sympathetic with your mood. But if it really is a grail for you, I'd have to think it's worth 2 months of inconvenience and waiting for the dealer and JLC to get it right. Obviously this is far from an ideal situation but if it were me I'd wait it out. You'll have many years of enjoyment from the watch, so what is two months of inconvenience in the grand scheme?

    Maybe if the dealer and/or JLC themselves could somehow compensate you for the ordeal it would make you feel a little better? Be specific about what you would ask for. Worst they could do is say no and promise to make the watch right.

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