Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?
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Thread: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

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    Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?


    I'm planning to buy my wife a timepiece to last a lifetime (for her 40th), and struggling to reconcile pros and cons of auto v quartz. Some background:

    * She hates anything too showy, expensive looking, 'Gucci' branded or anything like that - she is modest and frugal
    * ... but that's not to say she doesn't admire quality or like being treated to something really nice once in her life!
    * She's quite an outdoorsy-type, a teacher, goes swimming a lot with her pupils, needs a reliable and easy-to-read watch to time activities etc.
    * Not generally into fashion or fancy jewellery, more the practical type
    * She is sometimes prone to forgetting and neglecting things - watch should be realatively easy to live with
    * Price range £1500 / $2000

    Now personally, I *love* automatic movements, and like nothing better than a clear back to watch the beautiful thing beating away. I think she'd like that too, but it wouldn't be something she'd obsess about.

    Two watches have jumped out at me.

    1. The Omega Seamaster 300m 28mm with blue or maybe black dial, quartz (

    Attachment 6431226
    2. Longines Master Collection 29mm with diamond hour markers, automatic, sapphire back (L2.

    Attachment 6431242
    So here's the thing:

    The Omega is going to be very reliable and live-with-able. Accurate, very water proof, nice lume for night visibility, bezel for timing things with her kids. But is it just a bit too ostentatious/flashy for her..? Would she dare wearing in on days out with the kids? And could you ever fall in love with a quartz watch?

    The Longines is absolutely gorgeous, really understated style. The picture doesn't do it justice; on the wrist, it just quietly oozes quality and beauty. And Oh! the movement when you take it off and look at the back! But it's only splash proof (30m), no lume, no bezel, needs to be worn to be kept wound, and needs expensive servicing every (?) 6 or 7 years. (But the jeweller is giving away a free auto-winder at the moment, which sweetens the deal somewhat.) And she could always use a cheap waterproof Casio or something on swimming days, right?

    You see my dilemma. My heart says go for the Longines, my head the Omega. I'm sure she'll love both, and never complain about the downsides of either - but which will she love more for the next 40 years??

    By the way, would you ever wear a 30m auto watch paddling in a pool? Given no electronics, even if a little bit of moisture did ever get in, would it really cause any damage after drying out in the airing cupboard?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    Comes with a rubber band, replace band with something classy and she can even swim with it on. And well below your price range....her practical side will appreciate it.
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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    A friend of mine is a watch dealer and he says whereas men tend to go for autos the ladies like to wear watches to suit their outfit so a quartz is often more suited as it it literally grab and wear.

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    Personally, I'd go with the Omega. It was the first thing that came to mind reading through your post and it sounds like a better "lifestyle" fit.

    And no, I wouldn't paddle about a pool with a watch rated for 30M. Once water penetrates a watch all sorts of damage can occur. Think rust, watered-down lubricants, corrossion...

    I also might suggest getting your wife involved in the process. I took my wife "shopping" under the pretense of looking for myself...trying to get an idea of what she might like. Lol, as it turns out I wasn't even in the same ballpark as she was and her preferences surprised me.

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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    My 2 cents: The Omega looks great and I agree with the idea that she would appreciate the grab-and-go aspect of a quartz watch. If you're going to have a quartz watch, a Seamaster is the way to go IMO.

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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    An Omega Aqua Terra would give her the water resistance for the pool and the versatile looks for both dressy and casual occasions.
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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    I'm also thinking Aqua terra in Quartz.

    Im going to suggest the mid-size 36mm, though I'm not sure if it's currently produced, you should be able to find a good example well within budget if you do your due diligence .

    30mm seems to be dress sized watch for women these days, my wife has a beautiful 30mm diamond MOP Hamiliton that only seems to get formal wear duty. Usually she's wearing her 36mm datejust and it looks great from casual wear to business dress, and she does have tiny wrists, barely 5.25"

    and because I love pics
    Name:  image.jpg
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    This is thing just oozes quality, will last a lifetime, is extremely versatile, and is rugged enough for an outdoor lifestyle.

    It has the grab and go convenience of Quartz and its larger size gives a "tool like" appearance, while the smaller versions might appear more fragile and jewelry like, if that make sense.

    anyway just wanted to add a suggestion, lots of great choices in your price range.
    Happy Holidays!
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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    Thanks for all the comments so far! I'll definitely take a look at the Aqua Terra, might solve the 'too flashy/professional' look of the normal Seamaster.

    That Citizen is certainly nice, but I'm quite set on one of the Swiss brands.

    I'm surprised no-one's rooted for the automatic yet, but I guess people are giving sensible advice from the head rather the heart!

    Re the idea that ladies tend not to go for automatics as they like to choose watches that go with an outfit, so the watch needs to be always ready to go - I've heard that said before, but I don't think it would really apply to my wife - she'll just wear the one watch for everything (unless she needed a separate one for water activities, which wouldn't be an issue).

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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    Automatic is no good for ladies. Quartz, or manual wind no date. Grab and go in other words.
    Have a nice day.

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    Re: Advice pls - Automatic or quartz to live with?

    I've learned to find some pretext to show my wife a gift I'm considering. On my own, I've just missed the boat too many times.

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