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    Advice requested on Ulysses Nardin


    About 45 years I recieved a Ulysses Nardin chronometer wrist watch. I came across it the other day and thought I might want to sell it. Where can I go to get an honest appraisal? Any thoughts on what it may be worth? It has a gold case.

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    Re: Advice requested on Ulysses Nardin

    UN watches are and always have been watches of the higher league. Vintage UN wrist or pocket watches are sought by collectors.

    I wouldn't give you a valuation for sale of any watch. And here are a number of reasons why (shameless plug from our Vintage Watches Forum):

    (1) The absolutely most important factor in assigning value to a watch is condition. And unless the watch is in horrible shape, we simply cannot tell its condition from a photo. If it's really bad you don't need us to evaluate it anyway.
    (2) Watches often have gold cases or diamonds on the dial which makes them more valuable as jewelry than as a timepiece. We are not gemologists or gold bugs so we can't help you there
    (3) There are books out there which give a guideline as to prices but they assume the watch is serviced and in running condition. They are no help if a watch is broken or hasn't been cleaned in decades.
    (4) Ultimately the price of any vintage watch is determined by what the buyer will pay. You have only to follow a few eBay auctions to see this truth in action.
    The effect of each of the above reasons appears to be cumulative, and as a result even the best guess we could give you on value is going to be out by 50% or more. What good is that to you?
    Our advice before asking us (or any website) about valuation is:
    (1) Follow eBay auctions for similar pieces to yours, taking into account condition as the #1 factor.
    (2) Go to a bricks and mortar facility who has a watchmaker you can trust and get that person's opinion.
    (3) Read our sticky "7" for some details (on Vintage Watches)
    (4) Follow results of online auction houses (Antiquorum Geneva, Crott and others)

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    Re: Advice requested on Ulysses Nardin

    Thanks Mike. I appreciate your help.

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