I always had a liking for the red-blue (Pepsi) bezel of watches, not sure when this started but I recall seeing a watch with such a bezel and immediately felt attracted to it. I don't even recall what brand or model it was, just the combination of colors.

The Seiko seem to have had such a color combination on some of their bezels for some years, one of these watches has recently been subejct to a sort of revival in the WIS world due to a movie in which Robert Redfort is fighting the sea wearing a Seiko SKX009 I believe. I have not seen the movie yet but read a few posts about it when it came out. Consequently several of these watches popped up on the sales forum.

So I ended up with one. I always liked these watches but after owning a handful of them I decided that they are too small for my 8 1/4" wrist, also as mentioned before, I just don't like the shape of the hands of the Seiko SKX divers. Some really love them but I don't. Matter of personal taste really. These two things prevented me for owning such watches for more then 48 hours and never really wore them. I did get this one so I could do a project, and then sell it. This is still my plan in fact, only now that I did this project I have it on my wrist for the day to kind of "pilot" it. And I like it, better then any other SKX diver I had in fact...

The watch is the well known SKX007 and got it used of course, in great condition with a really clean case and only a couple of marks on the bezel insert. As far as I know it is all stock minus the crystal which is a very nice dome Sapphire. I swapped the hideous (to me) hands with some that I thought were better suited and much more better looking (for me of course), these are from the Seiko Stargate. So they are still all original Seiko.

I added a sunwashed zulu strap (read used, worn and faded) and it has been on my wrist since last night. Did not skip a beat and in fact a few shakes made it run the whole night and keep time until this morning. In checking during the night I appreciated the awesome Seiko lume on both dial and hands and at any time I was able to tell the time at a glance. Seiko is definitely fantastic in that regard.

So I now got the same watch but a little souped up (sapphire crystal) and beautified (different hands) what else could I desire? I guess a couple of mm in widht and length... but that's OK, I will wear it for the day and enjoy it. Then decide what to do, It surely needs to be enjoyed since it is a really nice looking watch, either by me or someone else...

Here are a few pics, sorry but I had a real hard time taking them and so they are worse then usual.