I purchased the PAM 000 when I returned from my mini-moon from govberg jewelers. It is the most I’ve paid for a watch ($3500) till date.

I always wanted a PAM 112 but could never find it from a trusted seller and a good price. The 000 was the closest I could get after searching for quite awhile. I was hesitant to spend so much on a watch: however, I remember telling my friend who wanted a subc nd to just go for it - he’ll always be chasing it otherwise. So I took my own advice and took the plunge. The watch is an absolute beauty. Clean dial, great lume, accurate, beautiful case, love the crown guard, etc

Fast forward to about a year later - I went to see Hobbs & Shaw today... and I see the Rock sporting what I believe to be a Panerai Submersible. I was wearing my Panerai watching the movie... I look down at my wrist and boy was that lume talking. So long story short (not really sorry) see the pic below!