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    Alternative to PVD?

    I have a Casio MDV102 diver which is kinda my beater/daily wear and a few minutes ago I thought how awesome it would look if it were all black. Problem is it's an all stainless steel case, so the only way that I know of to make it all black would be to have it PVD coated, which would cost like 5x the amount I paid for the actual watch. I want to have the two crowns and case back remain silver tone, and the rest of the watch all black. Is there any way to make an SS watch all black besides PVD? BTW, being that it's a diver, I want to make sure I can still wear it in pool/sea water without worrying about a coating rubbing off. Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks and have a great night!

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    Re: Alternative to PVD?

    Jay at MCWW does a Cerakote coating for very reasonable prices. I've heard nothing but good things about MCWW and their Cerakote finish...

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