Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"
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Thread: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

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    Picture Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Young gemologist, historic expert and watchmaker Jean Marc Bosque showcased his 219 brand and watch at the GTE 2012. His booth (in the back of this picture) contained only one watch display which showcased only one watch. The 219.

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    Jean Marc explained to me he wanted to make a watch for himself, a watch inspired by the Mayan culture. Instead of numerals the watch has the typical Mayan Glyphs on the dial and the Mayan calendar is engraved on the case back.

    Jean Marc was amazed by the positive feedback he received on his watch and decided to produce a couple more, limited to a total of 2012. He also thought of tweaking the watch and came up with some more ideas. One of the ideas is to produce a gold case, using the extremely rare Mayan gold.

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    The one line Jean Marc spoke about kept echoing in my ears: "appear to disappear". After I asked him what he meant by that, he explained that on December 21, 2012 he will take of his watch on a mountain somewhere in Mexico and let it disappear for ever. He will not reveal the location, but he promised to take pictures or a video of this rather exceptional event.

    219, a new brand was born.

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    Functions :
    Hours-minutes-seconds and GMT
    First watch using mayan numbers as time indicator

    ETA Valgranges A07.171
    24 rubies
    Power reserve 46 hours
    Self-winding movment with Swiss-Lever escapment

    at 3 o’clock / engraved by chemical material reduction

    Hours indicator Mayan numerology (patent registered by 219)
    Mate Black rhodium treatment with superluminova injection in the low relief lines made by chemical reduction of material
    GMT 24 hours timezone indicated with arabic numbers
    Original dial designed by 219 including four elements :
    The 5th mayan sun, the Kukulkan ( Pyramid, a sanke head in the Pyramid and 219 designed as a pyramid, inside the snake jaw.

    Case diameter : 47 mm
    Thickness: 13 mm
    Stainless steel
    Innovative case acoustic imitates “rattling noise” which the rattle snake is know for when it shakes its tail (patent registered by 219)

    Water resistance:
    5 ATM

    Sapphire crystal without anti-reflecting treatment

    Case back:
    The case back side offers the surprise of a traditional mayan Low relief engraving (by chemical material reduction) representing the symbol of death”(found in Chichen Itzá ruins) surroundhead” by the circle of the the 20 days of the Tzolkin Kalendar which is the calendar of the East Star (260 days), the Star of the Kukulkan (known as a planet by the romans and called Venus because it’s cycle is the same than human being preignancy). The Tzolkin was apparently invented by the olmecs 3000 before Christ birth. Numbers 13 and 20 were sacred by the mayas and they adopted this calendar because the 260 days were associated to human preignancy and to wheat grow period (which is associated to the skin of the snake). Each day is associated to a different glyph which represents one or several symbols like crocodile, Dragon, wind, death, snake, moon, jaguar, eagle, etc. This association is supposed to express the arrival of the Kukulkan on the 12.21.2012 to reverse the power and command the whole mayan nation in synchronization with the birth of the sixth sun.

    2 different straps
    (Full grain leather Alligator strap and rubber strap) with stainless steel deployant claps

    Limited to 2012 pieces

    Related link:
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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Hmmm...okay. Everyone has to have a "shtick", as they say in Brooklyn...

    Too many watches, only two wrists and never enough time...

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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Looks like a "Transformer" symbol on the dial (219 at the 6)....Just can't figure out if it's a deceptacon or not..
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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    On December 22nd, he'll realize this is a crazy idea and go dig up the watch.

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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Hours indicator Mayan numerology (patent registered by 219)

    A patent on using Mayan numbers? How is that possible?


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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    I think 2012 pieces will be more than enough.
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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Well, December 22, 2012 seems like a fine day to go mountain climbing in Mexico.
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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    I can't imagine how having your case rattle like a rattlesnake would be an enjoyable feature after the novelty wears off.
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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Quote Originally Posted by rmahoney View Post
    A patent on using Mayan numbers? How is that possible?


    [/COLOR] true. They should visit Central America...Mayan numbers are used everywhere...perhaps as just a novelty (TV Channels...mugs...decorative motifs)...but it's been happening there for quite a few centuries now.

    Very "innovative" idea 219.

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    Re: Amazing mission for new watch brand 219: "appear to disappear"

    Coltrane was obsessed with the idea of the perfect tune, one that would 'appear' be heard and never be repeated. I dont think he planned to bury his sax afterward tho. Maybe the rattlesnake sound could be heard just once, perhaps at a significant moment on the Mayan calendar and then never be heard again.
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