Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?
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Thread: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

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    Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I am ashamed to say that I have analog dyslexia after wearing my Suunto Vector almost exclusively for a couple years straight.

    Do any of you know what I am referring to? I am so used to "seeing" the time as "2:50" and processing it quickly in that manner, that now that I have all my quartz watches back online and use mostly the analog models, I actually have to THINK about how to "read" the time again. Sometimes I'll glance at the watch, note what I see, then drop my watch arm and then realize I didn't "process" the time...only the hand positions...usually then I glance back and process it correctly...such as "ten minutes til three" or "fifteen minutes after four." Or sometimes I process it as "2:50".

    Oh the digital numbers make it so easy on the brain to process!

    I REALIZE this makes me sound extremely "low-function" but I can't be the only one who suffers (at least periodically) from analog dyslexia!
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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    You're not the only one by a long shot. I haven't worn a digital since I was around 10 years old, but I'm still not one of those people who can look for an instant and tell the time down to a micro-second.

    Something that may contribute is that my watch is so beautiful I don't want to look away...
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    Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I understand, OP. I wear digital and analog, but generally find digital numbers very slightly more efficient for telling the time than analog. In fact, I always read the time in digital format, even while wearing an analog watch. I'm just not used to thinking in terms of "ten after five."

    It takes a millisecond or so more but I have to find the hour hand, then the position of the minute hand. It's near simultaneous, but slightly slower than, say, glancing at a digital display.

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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I wear both and can tell time at a glance with either one.

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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I wear an analogue watch to work but the clock on the ticket machine in my bus is digital, so I have to be able to read both at a glance, so become a bus driver and the problem will solve itself.

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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I actually find it easier to "process" analog, visualizing the hand position makes quicker sense to my brain for some reason. Reading 2:50 doesn't mean anything for the split second it takes me to digest it until my brain converts it to an analog reading.

    Sounds like we have a chance at being smart if we just combined brains lol
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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I'm with Toothbras, I have trouble with digital from being used to analog. Just from conditioning, it's easier to "feel" the passage of time and see a graphical representation of how much time is left until I need to leave the house. Seeing 8:15 printed out doesn't help me as much as seeing three indices until I need to leave at 8:30. Also, other than toddler time-outs and timing pasta, very little in my life needs to be that precise as to require a digital.
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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    I've worn analogue for decades and just by fipping my wrist I can tell that it's 10 to 3 but when I look at the compurer screen clock and it says 2:50 I have to get the old brain cogs spinning and "convert" it to an analogue time.

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    Re: Analog Dyslexia After Wearing Digital Long Term?

    Quote Originally Posted by Toothbras View Post
    Sounds like we have a chance at being smart if we just combined brains lol
    Well, you'd get one extra-smart brain and one fully-dumb brain. ;)

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