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    Anonimo Madness?

    Alright, so I've finally come to like the look of the Anonimo's, they've been growing on me slowly and have finally gotten their way with me however I do have a bit of a problem with them. Is it just me or have their prices become completely outrageous? As much as I've come to like their look I can't understand for the life of me how they can justify the amazingly inflated price tags, especially with the 7750/ETA movements that they have underneath. I understand their extreme durability, quality build and fine finish but the prices just seem to have gotten out of control. I mean I saw the Chronoscopio's and Professionale's selling at what seems like half of the price than they're selling for now not even 2 years ago. Even now I'm running into some that just sold for prices that were so low you'd swear they had to be fake. That brings me to another point - never have I seen a brand with such differentiation in their pricing. What's going on? Is it scarcity, an extreme boom in popularity (AND scarcity), is the company getting ahead of themselves? Grant it, "over-priced" is really kind of subjective but this is just my oinion in relation to what other watch companies are offering within that price range.
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    Re: Anonimo Madness?

    I think much of their price is due to the case making process, which also explains the scarcity. Moreover, Anonimo is quite a small company, so I guess they cannot exploit economies of scale. So probably part of the price is due to their (marginal) costs. Yet I agree with you: those watches, and I am a big fan, are a little expensive. The second hand market is still good, because there Anonimo watches are sold at more reasonable prices.

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    Re: Aninimo Madness?

    I think they are pretty reasonably priced? Do you consider B&R overpriced? They are in the same boat price wise with especially when comparing limited edition models. I feal that is the price right now for a small company, with excellent finishing and attempting their best to advertise. I havent seen that much in the way of advertising from AN yet.. maybe im missing it. The dollar is getting extremely weak right now, the prices are only going to go up.

    lets compare.. say a tag monaco chrono.. $3900 MSRP on bracelet.. ETA 2894-2 movement, 30 M water resistance, acrylic crystal, small 38MM case, huge sales volumes
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