Hi all,
I'm new here and I'm hoping that joining this forum will help me in my search of a particular timepiece. After doing a quick forum search regarding this threads title I found that the Patek Philippe in Drive has been discussed before. It's quite common knowledge that the Patek featured in the movie isn't an actual real Patek but recently I came across this thread by chance which features the unbranded watch that the design crew used before giving it the Patek stamp.

[Erledigt] NoName Tangente/Orion-Stil - HAU - UhrForum

I've already translated the page with Google and learned that the watch is approx 36mm wide, apparently features Miyota 6L45 Quartz Movement and the seller was asking for 17 euros and has already sold it. I would of contacted the seller myself already but the thread was made in 2009 and I speak very limited German. Has anyone ever came across this particular model or could anyone point me in the right direction to sites that sell unbranded watches where I will continue my grueling search for this watch.

Thanks in advance.