Another Year (+) on the Wrist...
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Thread: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

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    Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    As 2015 winds down I'm rounding out the third year of my watch collecting hobby (sickness?). I previously posted my entry into the hobby and thought I would provide an update. 2015 was a bit of an odd really heavy-hitter purchases and a bit more eclectic than in the past. Having already rounded out dress watches (two JLC's), a handful of Seiko's and a classic Chrono (Speedmaster Pro), this year's pickups were much more opportunistic. So, here we go...

    1. 1969 Hamilton Chronomatic

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    I had seen this watch pop up a handful of times on Instagram and fell in love with almost everything about it. It's one of the original Calibre 11 models (of Heur fame). I love the oddball crown on the opposite side, the panda dial, and the thickness of it. As a guy that works in Product Development, I've also got a soft spot for the entire Calibre 11 development story (rivals co-developing, marketing claims gone awry, production difficulties). I've always wanted to pick one up but the Heur's never really sung to me for some reason. I came across this one on eBay and picked it up immediately - got it serviced and it runs like a dream. This has become one of my favorite pieces in my collection, and it got a ton of wrist time this past summer.

    Movement: Calibre 11
    Worn: Causally, year round. Seems to go great in the summer due to the white dial, and great in the fall and winter as well.
    Favorite feature: the oddly-placed crown or the jump-hour register

    2. Seiko 5
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    I can't tell you a ton about this watch...I bought it off a forum member on a whim this past spring. It's the smallest Seiko I've seen (it must be around 36mm if I had to guess), but on a Nato strap with that crisp white dial it really pops. It's got a rotating diver bezel but no screw-down crown, so it's a bit of an odd duck, but it was a great knock-around piece for the pool this past summer (still good for 100M in the water). Seiko's are great - I've got four of them now and they all get a lot of wear for pieces that cost 1/10th of other ones I've got in the collection.

    Movement: Unknown
    Worn: Summertime barbecues on a range of Nato straps.
    Favorite feature: The crisp white dial. Really striking in person.

    3. Gerlach Navigator

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    I was traveling in eastern Europe and I saw a review of this piece came up on one of the blogs...which seemed appropriate. It's got a cool vintage look with the patina'd indices and the sunburst dial, and I'm a sucker for an extra crown on a watch. Something about the strike of red on the dial for the depth rating really got to me as well. The story of the company is pretty interesting - using some funding to promote Polish industrial development (as opposed to just manufacturing as the country is known for), and I have some Polish in my family, so I pulled the trigger and it was waiting for me when I got back to the states. It's a very well made watch for the price, and it all comes together very, very nicely. That is big, and it wears bigger. It's very thick...perhaps a bit much for me. I wore it sparingly and this one may end up as a catch-and-release, but I would recommend it wholeheartedly to someone that likes a bigger wearing piece.

    Movement: Seiko NH35A
    Worn: Sparingly, but with short sleeves when worn at all. Just too thick for long sleeves.
    Favorite feature: The "supercomressor" crown and internal dive bezel

    4. Nomos "Timeless" Club

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    Oh, this watch. As a watch enthusiast, Nomos has been on the top of my list for a long time. I won't go into what they do great as a brand because anyone reading the forums here is familiar with them. I had been eyeing a Club for a while, and a few months prior, I had been pondering the best "blue dial" watch to buy...this fit the bill for both. I ordered one as quick as I could and it's a good thing I did...I received number 85 out of the total 100 produced. What a remarkable piece. The fit, feel, and finish is amazing. It uses the new Nomos "swing system" movement that contains even more in-house content than their already terrific movements. The cordovan strap is both supple and smooth, and the attention to detail is remarkable...particularly the color-matched date wheel on a watch they were only making a hundred of. And it's so, so thin. A great pickup that will never leave the collection.

    Movement: DUW 4101
    Worn: Another year rounder...a great "casual dress up" option. Not quite the office (for me), but not a bumming around watch.
    Favorite feature: The blue dial color. Deep, bright...always changing in the light.

    5. IWC Ingenieur Automatic

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    This watch had never even approached my radar, but won me over with it's pure wearability. I'd been looking for a slim stainless steel watch that I could wear while traveling on business...something I could pull off with a sports jacket but not necessarily a suit, and would slide beneath my shirt cuff still (which the Speedmaster fails to do). I was circling the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm pretty hard, and happened to notice one of these in a boutique window while in Vegas. I tried it on and was astounded at how great it fit my particular wrist. Something about the way the lugs / bracelet wrap around the wrist just make it wear great on me. It's also incredibly slim for a sports watch at only 10mm thick. I also enjoy that it's "Genta inspired," though admittedly, from a purist's perspective, not as much as they claim. I recognize all the faults - that it's a poor man's Royal Oak and that it uses an ETA movement, but it has the great anti-magnetic properties of the Ingenieur line, and is a well-fitting 40mm sports watch. Yes, there is better bang for your buck out there, but I find this to be a unique, distinctive piece in my collection that is getting a lot of daily wear.

    Movement: ETA 2892
    Worn: To work or when traveling for work. Slim enough to be "Professional," but still with a really unique wrist presence.
    Favorite feature: The vicious case angles...nothing else like it in my collection.

    So that's 2015 for me...not sure where 2016 will take me. I still have a hole in my collection for an impressive dive watch. I've vacillated back and forth between the Tudor Black Bay and the Seamaster 300...but we shall see. Hope you enjoyed reading - and happy to answer any questions on the pieces listed above!
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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Nice post Michael!

    I always thought that Hammy Calibre 11 with the register at 6:00 was a date. Is it a jump hour?? Wow, that would be really cool!
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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Great post - Really like that Hamilton!
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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    You have a nice collection! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Thanks for the write up. I always enjoy the "year in review" posts.

    You did well. All are really cool watches IMO.

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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    It is a date at 6pm on the Hamilton - the "jump hour" I was referring to is on the left hour register. It doesn't move progressively (like a Speedy), but rather waits for the 30 minute reserve to max out and them "jumps" to the next thirty minute indicator.

    I may may have used the wrong term...but it's different from other chrono's I've seen so I dig it.

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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    That Hammy is definitely boss. Nice pick ups all around.

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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Enjoyed reading! I think my favorite is the Hammy on that strap...killer!
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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Enjoyed the write up, sir.. I always had a soft spot for the ingenieur as well. Great year it has been

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    Re: Another Year (+) on the Wrist...

    Wow what a year! That Hamilton is one of my favourite chronographs. I'd love to have one! Fantastic purchases, a shame about the Gerlachs size as it looks gorgeous. More so than the Legend Diver IMO.

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