Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

Thread: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

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    Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    A local store that sells lots of esoteric brands is selling a line of Antima watches. From what I can gather, this is a company that contracts out designs to other companies including Armani and Burberry, but they don't really manufacture their own line of watches. Therefore, I'm assuming the models that this store has are just one-offs or very limited production runs.

    The watches are really gorgeous. Fit and finish seems on par or better than Tag Heuer, Baume and Mercier, Raymond Weil, and other common store brands that I compared it to. They also seem to be a substantial step up from my Stowa Antea KS.

    I'm interested in this watch:

    But it comes on a (somewhat junky looking) black leather strap. That's the only picture I could find online, and information is really scarce. It's a plain-Jane Valjoux 7750 movement without decorations.

    It looks awesome, although I feel a bit unfaithful to my Antea KS The original price was $1350 (seems reasonable for the fit/finish), but the store is offering it for 50% off making it $675. That seems like a steal for a 7750 movement watch.

    What do you guys think? Has anyone else heard of or owned an Antima? I sort of like the fact that it's obscure, because I'm not a huge fan of common watches like Tag, Rolex, or Omega.

    If the company doesn't really support their products, are 7750 servicers easy to come by and inexpensive?

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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    Antima Watches has been creating timepieces since its beginnings in 1919. With over 82 years and four generations of watchmakers creating the Antima watches, they are recognized around the world for their precision technology and classic design. In addition to producing Antima watches, the company assembles watches under private label brands. Testimony to their high regard Antima in 2006 created the first luxury watch for Georgio Armani. The Borgi 21 retailing for US$10,000 is sold exclusively through Georgio Armani stores.
    Fossil, a US watch manufacturer purchased Antima along with two other Switzerland based companies and the Antima brand continues to be manufactured by Fossil. With workshops located in Biel-Bienne, Antima is located at the center of the Swiss watch making industry.
    Antima watches integrate precious metals and an exemplary finish. New collections regularly grow upon the existing unique selection of watches. Although all Antima watches share the same technical expertise they are presented in a wide variety of designs. Antima watches are made of stainless steel, gold-steel, or gold-plate. Specialties include mechanical, manual and automatic movements, including dual time zone watches. Straps are created in a range of veal leather or imitation crocodile, lizard or ostrich skin. Polished, matte, or black stainless steel is used in the bracelet designs. [found this on the net, if you like the watch i say go for it, ]
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    Philip admirale chrono v7750
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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    A proper watch maker can service and repair a 7750 movement.

    $675 is not bad at all. And if you can get hold of the brecelet as your pic shows - fantastic!!
    If not, a mesh or nice croc shoes will suit it too.

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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    You can get some Hammies around that price with a 7750.

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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    I'd say go for it man! I'm a big fan of left-field brands with some veins of quality. Its a handsome price for a valjoux and if they have that lineage, its a good deal!

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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    At 1,350, no, but at 675.00, for sure if you like it.
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Antima Valjoux Chronograph... Buy or not?

    here is a couple for your consideration at around the same price

    also check ebay user skoda_boy he always has nice Victorinox 7750 chronos in the 5-700 price range. I can't comment on the watch in OP, because I have never heard of the brand but don't think because of the inflated MSRP that you are getting a killer deal, it seems to be priced right where it should be.

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