any opinions on this website/dealer?

Thread: any opinions on this website/dealer?

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    any opinions on this website/dealer?

    Not sure where to post this...mods, please move if this isn't appropriate.

    I stumbled on the website of "Certified Watch Shop" while looking for a good watch. I was shocked at how low their prices were on some watches such as Oris Automatics and Bulova Accu Swiss. Anyone have any thing to say about them good or bad? It's hard to pass on their prices but it's almost in the "too good to be true" category. Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Re: any opinions on this website/dealer?

    Did you get the name right? There's Certified Watch Store which has an eBay store and good feedback, if that helps.

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    Re: any opinions on this website/dealer?

    Thread moved. The Review Forum wasn‘t the suitable place.
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