Any Reccomendations??

Thread: Any Reccomendations??

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    Any Reccomendations??

    I currently have a sector watch as a knock around watch but it is wearing out. I have a Breitling Emergency Mission but do not want to wear as an everyday watch. I like it very much but it also is not the most comfortable fitting watch. I like the larger looking watches like the Serket Reef Diver but it is no longer available. I am looking at the benarus megalodon which might be available in the new year but am curious as to how comfortable of a watch it is as it looks similar in size the Breitling. I was wondering if there is any feedback as to the comfort or suggestions to similar looking watches under $1000.00. Thanks for any input. Cheers!

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    Re: Any Reccomendations??

    Well, I'm by no means a Seiko fanboy, but I can safely recommend the Seiko Black Monster as a beater:

    It will also give you $850 to spend on something else ;).

    The Megalodon doesn't look mighty comfortable:

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