any thoughts?

Thread: any thoughts?

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    any thoughts?
    any opinions on a fair price on this?

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    Re: any thoughts?

    You could post this over on the omega forum. More then a few knowledgable experts over there.

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    Re: any thoughts?

    Well, what is a fair price ? I've followed a lot of auctions and experienced that the highest bid isn't fair at all. It depends on how desperately you want this watch (or a competitor). If this is the watch you always wanted to have you'll go upwards with your bid.
    To estimate what's fair an what's not you may read the 7 rules to determine the value of a vintage watch over on our Vintage Watches Forum:

    According to the description most of the parts are original (crystal isn't) so my guess is that the watch will reach a lot more of the current bid.

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    Re: any thoughts?

    Having watched LOTS of Omega auctions, I can tell you that omega_addicts stuff generally brings a lot more than any one else's apparently comparable pieces. He apparently has quite a rep and following.
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