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    Anybody know anything about...

    Sartego? I've been wanting a yellow face diver, but don't know if I'll really wear it much or not, so hate to spend a bunch of money. I'm afraid its one of those things that seems like a good idea, but in actuality...

    I was looking for a good price on a Seiko skxa35 and stumbled across Sartego

    Miyota movements in the autos, but would love to hear from someone who has one, or has held one in person. $150 bucks isn't a good deal if it leaks, breaks, etc.

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    Re: Anybody know anything about...

    Hummm, I wonder if it's named after another long-time-dead-guy. Gevril comes to mind. It's called, romancing the brand. There're a lot of
    that going around these days. SPA is used a lot in their referance, I think
    they should add a Z. :-D

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