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    Question Is anyone else ...

    looking forward to the release/availability of the Swatch System 51?

    I know that the design is quite polarizing, and the unservicability a huge drawback ... but, if it's offered for less than $200 (as reported earlier), it would be a nice entry point to the world of mechanical timepieces. Of course, there are some fine non-Swiss choices available at a similar price range.

    Two elements that intrigue me are the 90 hour power reserve and the promised daily rate deviation of under +/-5 s/day (as also the use of low magnetic susceptibility materials for the escapement).

    (borrowed image)

    Looks like a fun watch (at a reasonable price) hiding some not-too-trivial movement innovations.
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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    Not really "looking forward" to its release, but if Swatch comes out with some nice case and dial styles, I'd buy one, definitely.

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I think I'll get one, its too fascinating not too. I believe it has something like half the amount of parts of a typical auto and that PR is insane. I am way more impressed my the engineering that went into it than the actual watch, honestly that whole solar system looking dial is a bit confusing.

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I'm interested in it technologically, but don't plan on buying one. I wouldn't be surprised if Swatch uses its low end brand to test new concepts before applying them to higher end brands, such as Omega.

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I am. They are interesting and different with even a bit of a philosophy behind the design, and needn't be thought about too much lest the fun be spoiled Swatch has also released a similarly playful but functional line of divers, punnily titled "Scuba Libre" that are available now (below). Looks like they're keeping their higher end and affordable bases covered in moving forward. Whether I buy one or any of these or not remains to be seen (will probably try one of the other), but regardless I like that new choices and directions are being explored and put to market.


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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I thought they already made automatics at that price point. You can tell I know nothing about the watches but I am a fan of the mothership.

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I never say never especially to a movement with those specs. Once the designs move more mainstream one could find it's way into tbe collection.

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I've not read up about this movement yet, but why don't they just put it in a normal metal case NOW ?

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    Re: Is anyone else ...

    I say never! And I mean never...It would serve them right if everybody bought them instead of other SWATCH GROUP branded watches.
    The public can say"Why pay $3,000.00 for a _______from Swatch Group when I can buy a $200.00 Swatch...Same company, probably
    same motor too"

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