Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

Thread: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

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    Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    I have a couple bracelets now that kink rather badly where the hinge meets the bracelet on the inside (see the picture). You lose the nice curve of the bracelet and get an ugly angle instead. Does this happen to anyone else? Anything that can be done or is it just a downside of having small wrists?
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    Re: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    I can't say that I have ever encountered "bracelet kinks" as you put it.

    But I see what you mean.

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    Re: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    Sadly it is common on many cheaper basic bracelets.
    But for SABR033 the clasp is much shorter drastically reducing distance that bracelet has to fold.
    And on Omega SMP it is shorter still with clasp being "self enclosing", so nothing bends over inner clasp fold.
    However, best are bifold clasps (both on leather straps and for bracelets) that butterfly in both directions and thus drastically reduce fold length of the deployment clasp.
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    Re: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    My bracelets get kinky sometimes but I try not to watch.If I hear rattling ,I just don't open the cupboard.I will knock, clear my throat loudly or cough. Oh wait, thats not what you meant is it? MY bracelets kink but only the folded metal ones. I think I have 3 or 4 solid link bracelets which I use plus one thats just so incredibly heavy it stays tucked away. I see kinking occasionally but it does not really bother me and I don't suffer.
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    Re: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    I think it's a combination of your small wrists, and what looks to be a very long inside folding clasp.

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    Re: Anyone Else Suffer From Bracelet Kinks?

    You may want to see if a link or two can be moved from one side to the other to shift that bracelet to the center.

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