Anyone else wear a watch to bed?
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Thread: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

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    Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    Lately I've acquired a new habit; namely, I'm wearing my G-Shock to bed.

    In addition to the inherent joy of sporting a watch, it has the advantage of me being able to see the time if I wake up without getting out of bed (my eyes aren't so good sans corrective lenses) and it has an alarm (I tend to sleep through my cell phone one).

    Anyone else do the nocturnal thing? Or is taking a watch to bed something I might do but should never speak of in polite society?
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I always have a watch on my wrist bedtime is no different.

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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    Yeah I am actually thinking it is really odd that any of you would take it off.

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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I always wear a watch to bed, the only exception being my radio controlled Citizen, which I have to leave off by a window sill to pick up the signal and update. I have a high failure rate trying to update it while on wrist at night.
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I trained myself to wear one while sleeping and it made my life better. I put on the x-33, it has Lume that lasts all night, but in a pinch you can hit the backlight

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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    Don't think I could do it. I toss and turn too much. I'd end up whacking it on the bedside table. Or chipping a tooth.
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I do. I only take my watch off to shower and before I engage in activity that could cause a ding.
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I have a digital alarm clock on the night stand with big red lit numbers on it. If I need to know the time, that's what I use. Having a watch on while sleeping would just be a nuisance.
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    Generally, yes, whatever I was wearing during the day, I'll wear in the evening.

    My time source before I'm out of bed these days is now Alexa. I don't have to try to pry my eyes open at all that way.
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    Re: Anyone else wear a watch to bed?

    I wear my Fitbit to bed so I can track sleep.

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