Anyone ever watched the V Channel?

Thread: Anyone ever watched the V Channel?

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    Anyone ever watched the V Channel?

    I was a bit bored yesterday so was looking through some of the satellite channels and came across a channel called the V Channel on the shopping section. They were selling watches so obviously caught my attention. Well, what can I say? If BS was music, these people would have a brass band. I have never had so much guff in all my life. I'm not going to go into all the rubbish they were coming out with, but for instance, they were selling a watch called a Tommy Bahama. Nothing wrong with with the watch itself, however I would question whether I would pay £500 for it. Anyway, it turns out that Tommy Bahama is one of these companies in the US that sells just about anything from flip-flops, to ashtrays, and I'm not joking, they spent more time talking about ashtrays, candles and clothing than they did the watch that they sell, it was very very bizarre indeed. They would have you believe that this woman who was presenting would go to the United States, purchase five watches and then come back and sell on the channel. And then another woman who was talking, but you couldn't actually see her came out with the most bizarre comment I've ever heard on a shopping channel "these watchers are no rip-off, they are the real thing". I thought that was very strange language for shopping channel.
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    Re: Anyone ever watched the V Channel?

    Sounds interesting.......
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