Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?

Thread: Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?

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    Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?


    My dad bought this watch sometime in the 70's or 80's and presented it to me as a gift on my 17th birthday (2005). The battery had leaked and killed the movement (He just thought the battery was dead) so I never wore it. Being a teenager I never cared to have a gold watch to wear, so I just put it away, thinking at some point in my life I'll get it fixed.

    So 11 years later on my 28th birthday I was looking for my Aquaracer's rubber strap in my box of "watch Stuff" and came across the watch (It had been stored for decade). The next day I took to a friend of mine who owns a gold and silver exchange, he looked at it and said it was all 14k gold. He deals with watches regularly and said he hadn't seen one before. I asked if it could be fixed and he told me a friend of his could fix it.

    Several weeks rolled by and I had forgotten (Since I never actually wore it) I dropped the watch off to get it fixed . A few days ago I got call and the watch was done. The old gentleman that fixed it said he had never seen one like it either, although he came across the brand once before........... After a google search for Vicence Watches only a QVC watch page showed up and a few ebay listings, I called my dad and asked where he got it but he couldn't recall, He told me it was sitting in a shop window and he thought that it would be a neat gift for his son if he ever had one ( I was born after the watch was purchased).

    So my questions are;

    Who made them?

    What year(s) was it produced?

    Is it a Low/Mid/High end?

    Any other info would be appreciated, since I'll be giving it to my son (Born last month) when he's old enough to take care of it.

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    Re: Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?

    Imho it is low end. However, those I have seen were all 14k gold, so there is of course some value. As the dials say Swiss Movt. There is some reason to assume they are not swiss made. All of them I have seen aren't what I would call a collector's item. So value boils down on gold only.

    Here in Germany VincenzE watches are being sold on tv-shopping QVC, 14k plated with leather strap for 179,99.
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    Re: Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?

    From what I've seen on ebay, used full gold watches with full gold bracelets, even by relatively unregarded companies, tend to fetch a few hundred. That's not really the info you were looking for though...just that as Mike says it's a low end company, but the gold, particularly given that it's also the bracelet, counts for something.

    I think it'll make a good gift for your son.

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    That's what I figured. The "Swiss" movement had no info on it. Watch guy said it was a piece. The case and bracelet are 14k gold. Scrap weight is about 1.2 oz of gold.

    I was just curious about the watch, thanks.

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