Anyone heard of Arbutus ?

Thread: Anyone heard of Arbutus ?

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    Anyone heard of Arbutus ?

    Yes it's me and my questions again .

    This brand seems to have interesting pieces (including autos), at very reasonable prices. Never seen one in real life though, only in Car magazines.

    Are they as good as they look in the pictures ?

    Have a nice Friday everyone

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    Re: Anyone heard of Arbutus ?

    I have these two I bought last year when I first started getting interested in mechanical watches. They're fine for the prices you can get them for on E-bay. I would say they don't feel that substantial on the wrist, and the cases are deeper than they appear in the promotional photos, but like I say, for the price, they're fun 'beaters'. Accurancy wise, the Distinct gains a couple of minutes a week, but the Hurtle is actually surprisingly good, holding it's own against my ETA 2824 and Unitas powered watches.

    Arbutus Distinct

    Arbutus Hurtle

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    Re: Anyone heard of Arbutus ?

    Well, what I don't like is that they define their movements as "Original Arbutus Automatic Movement". Would like to know what makes a chinese movement an "original Arbutus" ?
    You`ll get what you've paid for.

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