Anyone know about this RED DYE?

Thread: Anyone know about this RED DYE?

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    Anyone know about this RED DYE?


    This has been driving me crazy. Maybe I am crazy to begin with though... I want to buy a mechanical movement to assemble in my own custom watch. Partly because it would be unique, and also because I think it will be cheaper. I can pick up an ETA 2824-2 TOP grade for $400 US!

    Anyways, say I want to die the engraving text "TWENTY-FIVE 25 JEWELS SWISS MADE" in red or blue, to make it stand out against a silver rotor. What kind of application tool/dye do I need?

    I got this idea from the wonderful guys over at Patek Phillipe:

    Take a look so you know what I'm talking about! Seems like he just lathers it on, and possibly wipes the excess before hanging up to dry.


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    Re: Anyone know about this RED DYE?

    Building a custom watch isn't too crazy per se, but it all depends on what you want to machine yourself, which parts you buy, and how much experience you have as a watchmaker.

    For coloring the rotor engravings, I would try nail polish. I've read numerous posts of people who did this on engraved steel diver's bezels, and thanks to nail polish remover it's a reversible process.

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