I've looked as long as I could for details that might indicate a fake, but can't find any in this Parmigiani Kalpa listing ; all details seem to be in place, compared to 2 EWC listings: EWC listing, ref. PF011950.1. (and another). Seller seems to be reputable, though keeps everything 'private' so that it's not very transparent.

(apologies for the crappy quality and screencaps - no other way here)

One very weird thing is something attached to the rotor (how is that even possible with the minuscule tolerances?!):

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Bothered by the low-res photos everywhere, since that exact model doesn't appear often, but again, it looks the same as 2 sold by a legit dealer in the links above:
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Some details I've noticed that bothered me, but seemed to be consistent with the 2 watches from EWC:
No "Parmigiani Fleurier" on caseback, 6 o'clock marker on the dial sandwiched between the words "Swiss" and "Made" and not floating above them. Writing on the movement seems identical to the 2 EWC (the positioning of words), but . Movement in general seems to have the same layout and finishing as the one at EWC, at least from what I can see from those photos... But finish quality is nearly impossible to judge, except I think that everything that should be aligned is, in fact, aligned.

Compare with a higher quality picture that I could find from a slightly different model:
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Any thoughts?..