Apparently I am in need of a beater
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Thread: Apparently I am in need of a beater

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    Apparently I am in need of a beater

    I’ve been reading several threads recently; about beaters, about Citizen Promaster v. INOX, about the Archimede Outdoor Antimag that’s traveling about (Me, Me too! I’d love to see it on wrist).

    It occurs to me that I don’t really have a watch that fully qualifies as a beater — my most frequent daily wearer is an Omega Seamaster GMT back from the pre-coaxial days. I wear an old Datejust when I’m feeling vintagy, and recently sold two watches, a Speedmasster Broad Arrow and a dressy-ish Glashütte Orig., neither of which I wore much. With a small amount of the proceeds I picked up a dressy little ML Reserve de Marche, which will fill in the dress watch hole that I created.

    I think I want something knock-about. Something tough, sporty, and preferably cheap. The two watches I mentioned above (the Citizen and the Archimede) do appeal to me, and the price of the Citizen, as a designated beater, is very attractive. I think I’d give preference to quartz, both for purposes of economy and ruggedness, though to tell the truth, I don’t get much more active than a quick lane change on the interstate.

    (I will tell you that I have a Marathon TSAR, which I wear at night, or to movies, because of the tritium dial. I consider it otherwise too ugly to wear in public.)

    I would greatly appreciate your ideas.
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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    Ticino submariner dive watch?

    Cost $164 bucks with decent spec like NH-35 movt, 200m WR and sapphire crystal.
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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    I would suggest citizen promaster watches

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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    Nothing fancy, but I really like these as grab-and-go watches. You can find them for $200-ish. Amazon has a really good price on the BN0200-05E ($175) titanium 200m diver. If I didn't already have the BN0190 (black one, below), I'd be all over it. The blue one, below, is a BN0191.

    Name:  IMG-0925.JPG
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    I also got this one (BN0150, ~$150) and put it on a Maratac strap ($20 on Amazon)...really happy with all of these watches.

    Name:  IMG-1004.JPG
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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater


    I think true beaters need to be quartz because by their nature you often just pick them up and throw them on. Any winding or time-setting goes against this.

    I have several beaters depending on my mood, just as I have several nice watches. My “nice” beater is this Seiko titanium diver on an Erika MN

    But if we are talking what are classed as “cheap” watches then my kings are my Seiko Solar, Casio 5600 and Bulova.

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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    Here are a few you might consider. Scurfa D1-500, Citizen Promaster Tough, Momentum has quite a selection of watches that would meet your needs, and if you decide to go automatic be sure to peruse the offerings from Bernhardt. Bernhardt has some nice watches with really great specs for the price. Pre-owned I would look for one of the Maratac quartz pilots watches, they are good looking and available for a reasonable price. Good luck! Let us know what you decide on.

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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    I was in a similar situation. I spend a fair amount of time in Mexico and was told I needed something that would not attract so much attention … something in black preferably. Most folks wear Casios. Obviously I needed something as well that would satisfy my inner WIS. I chose the Glycine handwind below. It was 400 USD off of Amazon. Butter smooth and has been surprisingly durable. It must be at least a year old and still looks like the day I bought it. Just like any handwind, I do take some joy in viewing the back while I give it a few cranks every morning. 7 1/4 inch wrist.

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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater


    Me likey very much!!

    Did you look at any Victorinox or Orient stuff, as another suggestion?
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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    Marathon does look rugged but I think it is a decent beater, is the size bothering you?

    I recently got a quartz beater for this purpose: a discontinued Seiko chronograph. It’s got everything I needed in a small, titanium package and will be my travel watch when Rolex feels like too much.

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    Re: Apparently I am in need of a beater

    Sounds to me like you need either one of these:

    Name:  61S9pe9SR7L._UY679_.jpg
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    Or one of these:

    Name:  o39_green_1kx1k_03.1545380749.jpg
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