Apple Watch AND Mechanical?
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Thread: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

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    Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    Although there is a similar thread on the Apple Watch board, I am interested in the opinions of the broader WUS hive mind. The introduction of new 4th generation Apple Watch, has come with some very useful health measures (e.g., ECG) not offered by Fitbit and others. As a result, I have started asking myself if I could bring myself to wear both an AW (right wrist) and a mechanical (left wrist).

    Having reached a certain age and having a family history of heart disease, having the functionality of the AW (ECG, etc.) would be objectively beneficial. At the same time, I love mechanical watches and would not want to sacrifice the joy that they bring me. Would I feel a bit silly wearing both? Perhaps for a few days, but I would hope that it would not last. I know it is possible to turn off "features" that, for example, turn on the screen whenever the wrist is raised) making it less obtrusive.

    I think I am convincing myself that one would be a watch, and the other would be a health monitor/fitness tracker (despite having the word "watch" in its name). Or perhaps it is just one of the benefits of having reached that same "certain age"... I do not really care what other people think of my wrist-wear. If I get one, I will wear the AW for my heart. I will continue to wear my mechanicals for my soul.

    I am interested in the experience of others wearing both. And any advice on how to make the AW fly under the radar the most (e.g., black rubber strap or milanese because it won't contrast with any of my leather straps on my mechanical?).
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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    I’ve seen quite a few people wearing a Fitbit type watch on one wrist and a regular watch on the other. No one seems to care.

    They’re are some straps to put both an Apple Watch and a regular watch on the same wrist. But it looks clunky to me...

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    There’s other ECG devices available with the same certifications or probably better since they are specialized.

    Like if you had a bracelet looking thing on the right and watch on the left you can pull it off but two watches I would never do lol.

    But yeah, don’t buy into the Apple kool aid. They just borrow existing tech when it’s mature and take credit for it basically.

    Wear your mechanical and get that kardia mobile pad and stick it in your credit card wallet.
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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    If it was for legitimate health reasons I would wear an Apple Watch or Fitbit along with my watch. However, I could see it easily becoming the go device to check the time therefore I won’t do it.

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    I do it 7 days a week. No big deal. I would not try to match the two as that would look a bit strange. It is a device for health and everyone understands that no matter what you are wearing on the other wrist.

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    Quite a few people wear a mechanical watch on one wrist and a smart watch on the other.

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    I think the new Apple watches are fantastic. Good looking, comfortable, and functional. I’ve thought about picking one up and trying to work both into my life, but I just can’t do it. Every 6 months a new version comes out and makes the previous version landfill fodder. It’s a necessary evil with phones, but I don’t feel good about participating in the consumerist, disposable goods culture that we are all tempted with on a daily basis. I also don’t want another device that I need to charge every single day. Right now, my Gshock GW5000 pulls daily duty at work and my mechanicals are wrist art for my days off. I love that a quality mechanical or quartz watch, if cared for, will last many lifetimes and never see a landfill.

    I’ve also used fitness trackers before and I’ve never found them very useful. They were fun at first but I never felt they motivated me to get moving any more than when I wasn’t wearing it. A little gimmicky imo. I don’t need a device to tell me if I’ve had adequate excercise for the day, as my guilty conscience is constantly reminding me to get my lazy butt off the couch!

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    I did double duty with the first Apple watch, then realized it wasn't for me.

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    Quote Originally Posted by or_rs View Post
    Apple says that it "is not recommended for users with other known arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat)"

    This is an interesting read, but note that this is not necessarily the same app and hardware as the new watch:

    True, but since you are already being treated for a heart condition than your doctor can recommend a Holter device to track you for a day or more (image of one below)
    Attachment 13484775

    Not approved, cleared. And it doesn't necessarily say how effective it is, also see the Risks section in the clearance document from the FDA:

    rob_honer- wear it proudly and enjoy the excellent watch, but don't rely on it too much and visit your doctor regularly.

    Quoting myself.
    I have an Apple watch (2 generations old), it works nicely but more and more companies are removing their support from the watch or limit it to notifications only.
    So you end up with a beautiful watch that most of its functionality is show you notifications forcing you to pull your phone out.

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    Re: Apple Watch AND Mechanical?

    I can't possibly wear two watches simultaneously. So pity I will not wear Apple Watches, although I find it increasingly useful and better overall.

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