Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)
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Thread: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

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    Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)


    I just seen this Kickstarter brand Aquacy - Any reviews on it ? thinking of backing it , whats your take?

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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    Their design doesn't do it for me, and also 1500 super early bird slots? That seems excessive.
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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    I don't see why anyone would back a kickstater project for $300.00 and have to wait when they could just buy a Timex for under $100.00 and get the watch. I think the Timex Expedition looks much better.

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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    Design doesn't seem very original or special... another spin on a Submariner-ish look. I would pass just based on aesthetics.

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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    Pass. Imho interchangable, bandwagon design, nothing new.
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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    If I were to make a checklist of everything I want and like in a dive watch, this would check all the boxes - each and every one. Yet, it is not appealing to me.
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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    Ew no.
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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    "Only 1769 of each color will ever be produced."

    How optimistic of them. The whole campaign has an air of...not quite desperation, maybe over-selling. It's not just 1769 at the $279...there's another 1769 at $289, and 3000 at $299.
    But wait, there's MORE! There's 300 "buy 2 for $539!" This is like...ok, if by some MIRACLE we sell out, we'll be fulfilling these orders over 2-3 years...well, unless of course they're dealing with a factory used to slapping together a whole bunch of watches in a hurry. I don't see any indication anywhere about where production is located...just "US based company" but that's meaningless.

    Sounds too much like "we want as many sold as possible before anyone can actually review the final product." AND then you toss in all the extras? That raises more flags for me.
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    Re: Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    A retail hang tag as a kickstarter extra? Okaaaaayyyyy
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    Aquacy brand ( Kickstarter)

    Thanks for your responses! I'm pretty new and I wanted to know what goes into a watch Kickstarter! You all make valid points, the only thing that I liked was it checked all boxes I would need in a watch however, no so much the looks and the ugly 1769 is pretty ugly

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