ARCADIA Vintage 23 Master Timepiece - pictures from GTE 2012

Thread: ARCADIA Vintage 23 Master Timepiece - pictures from GTE 2012

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    Picture ARCADIA Vintage 23 Master Timepiece - pictures from GTE 2012

    The Fleurier Watch Company is very proud to present the Arcadia Vintage 23. One of six skeletonized masterpieces to be handmade over the coming two years.

    The movement, a legendary Valjoux 23, a column wheel chronograph with hand blued screws has been engraved, polished and angled to give an exquisite finish. The movement may be admired through each sapphire crystal front and back.

    The unique case concept, striking in 18 carat rose gold and sapphire crystal has no visible fixings, accentuating the breathtaking beauty and simplicity. This exceptional timepiece reinforces Arcadias place in history as one of the finest watch makers.

    Connoisseurs and collectors were able to view the stunning Vintage 23 at the Geneva Time Exhibition held in January 2012. It's my pleasure to share the pictures I took, for those of you who could not attend:

    Name:  DSC_0689.JPG
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    The back of the Vintage 23, unfortunately with some annoying fingerprints on it. So let's get one from the Arcadia website:
    Name:  v23-movement.jpg
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    Name:  DSC_0690.JPG
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    the front of this beauty

    Name:  DSC_0693.JPG
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    not to sharp this picture, but you'll get the idea
    Name:  vintage22_03.png
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    not my picture, Arcadia's (c)

    Name:  DSC_0694.JPG
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    passionate Richard Baldwin, explaining the watch to my wife

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    take a look at that stunning wallpaper in the back

    Name:  DSC_0700.JPG
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    side by side, and yes, I know, I should have taken these with a better lens

    Name:  DSC_0701.JPG
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    from left to right: Lex Stolk (editor), Jan Lidmansky and Richard Baldwin

    About Arcadia Watches

    Arcadia is the boutique watch brand of the Fleurier Watch Company based in Versoix on the outskirts of Geneva, specialising in hand made watches.
    Arcadia creates bespoke timepieces and jewellery masterpieces with invisible diamond settings as one off special orders in their own workshops.

    Related link: Arcadia Watches | Arcadia Watches is a boutique watch brand of the Fleurier Watch Company, Geneva. Specialising in bespoke custom timepieces
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    Re: ARCADIA Vintage 23 Master Timepiece - pictures from GTE 2012

    That Vintage 22 is gorgeous !

    Omega Speedmaster - LE Apollo Soyuz
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    No more watches for a while for me !

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