Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)
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Thread: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

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    Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Thanks to Archimede and Mike I had the chance to wear an Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag for a week. Basically, it's a slightly larger version of the well known Archimede Outdoor (39mm case), but with an added iron inner case to improve its resistance against magnetic fields. The watch is sold on a soft and very comfortable leather strap that works beautifully with the overall design in my opinion.

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    The case

    Archimede watches are made by Ickler, a German manufacturer specialized on supplying cases to the Swiss watch industry. So it is no surprise that the case looks very well made. The brushed surfaces are fantastic and it looks very well proportioned. But what really impresses me are the dimensions: it's 41mm in diameter, 46.5mm short lug to lug and only 11mm high. I have an 18cm (7.1'') wrist, so even on smaller wrists this watch would certainly not look too big.

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    Despite its size, the hardened steel case has an iron inner case which gives the watch an imressive 80,000 A/m (= 1000 Gauss) magnetic resistance, and a reassuring 200m water resistance on top of that. Let that sink in for a moment. The benchmark of all 1000 Gauss antimag watches is the Rolex Milgauss of course, which has 100m WR, stands 13.5mm tall, and costs 7.5k€. Here is a watch with the same magnetic shielding, 2.5mm slimmer, more WR and under 1000€. Sure, it's a different movement, it's not a Rolex, etc., but making a case with those specs at that price point is a remarkable example of Ickler's capabilities.

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    I already have a (made by Ickler) Limes Endurance 1tausend diver in my collection, which also wears amazingly slim for a 1000m WR diver, so I though it would be cool to show both watches side by side.

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    The movement

    The Outdoor 41 is powered by a Sellita SW 200 workhorse, which really needs no further introduction. On the wrist it beats with an excellent accuracy in the range of +/- 2 s/day, and the timegrapher confirms this great result.

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    Sure, it's a test watch that was picked for reviewing by Archimede, so it might not be overly surprising to see this accuracy - except for the fact that my four years old Limes Endurance does exactly the same!

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    Dial and hands

    The dial is matte black and very similar to the 39mm version. With its raised chapter ring it has a nice 3D look to it and is super legible. The baton style hour and minute hands are simple and nicely proportioned. The star here, however, is the blue seconds hand. I think it's my favorite detail on the entire watch! Depending on the lighting, it looks either light or dark blue, but always crisp, thanks to its plain steel surface that was heat blued rather than covered in paint.

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    The lume is good but not overwhelming.

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    Just for fun, I tried how the watch would look on the Erika's Marine Nationale strap I usually have on the Endurance. Both cases have 20mm lug width, so it was a simple swap.

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    Not bad in my opinion, but the original leather strap fits a lot better, I'd say. Thanks to its construction, it has notched cornes that create a smooth line with the case flanks, which can't be achieved by regular 20mm straps in the same way. I hope that Archimede will offer the Outoor 41 on a matching bracelet one day! That would make it even more versatile.

    Speaking of which, with its moderate size, clean dial and black leather strap, I felt no need to bring a different watch for the business meeting I had last week. Granted, most people don't notice what you're wearing anyway, but I was absolutely confident that the Archimede wouldn't look out of place with shirt and tie. It's just a super versatile watch that works in all kinds of situations indoors and outdoors!

    Thanks for reading, many thanks to Archimede and Mike for arranging this pass around, and now I'll just shut up and let some more pics speak for themselves.

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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Thanks for an excellent review with eye-pleasing, not to say mouth watering, pictures. Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Nice writeup. If I didn't have a visceral dislike for hooded lugs, I'd consider one. Enjoy!

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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Archimede made a good move by offering the Outdoor in anti-mag without having to increase the case size by much. Another great product from this highly regarded semi-micro.
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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Great write-up ffritz, thanks for wearing and sharing!

    What is the real difference between the 41mm and the 39mm, just the second hand for the most part and anti-magnetic inner back?
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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    It‘s first and foremost the Antimag soft iron inner case.

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    The „inner case“ – consisting of dial, movement spacer and base – bundles the magnetic field lines and guides them safely around the watch movement.
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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    This looks like BGW9 lume. I would think that's quite acceptable.

    But good on you for an excellent review. I enjoyed reading it! I wish there were more detailed reviews like yours.
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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Great review and pics, thanks for posting it.

    -- Wayne

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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    Splendid review. I like this write up. Thanks!

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    Re: Archimede Outdoor 41 AntiMag review (pic heavy!)

    What a looker. Not to mention I think i can actually see how comfortable that strap is in the photos. Thanks for the write up!
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