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    Around 3000 posts!

    Seems like I recall missing the 1000 and 2000 posts as well as this latest milestone – the big 3 Oh Oh Oh. I was (am ) determined to do something ‘special’ to mark this solemn occasion but just can’t figure out what; another Daytona Give-away? Nah, I know you all are tired of those. Maybe a picture of me streaking an Invicta boutique? Unfortunately, I think that would get the thread closed immediately by the Mod-Squad. I even thought of just disappearing right at 3000 posts and becoming a mystery like Amelia Earhart but then I figured “Who’d notice?”. And posts about where my collection was, is, or might be really wouldn't interest anyone.
    But I have learned some things over the last 8 or so years.
    1) Folks under 500 posts are obsessed with accuracy
    2) Folks with 500 to 2000 posts really are just looking for within a few minutes a week.
    3) Somewhere between 2000 and 5000 posts people lose the energy to set the date correctly when wearing a watch they haven’t worn in a while.
    4) Folks with over 5000 posts don’t even bother setting the time.

    5) About 5 people a day post a “What/which should I buy?” poll.
    6) About 5 people a month bother to tell us what they bought.
    7) About 5 people a year actually buy what everybody told them to buy.

    8) Any thread about buying a watch will eventually have a Grand Seiko and a Speedy Pro suggested – no mater how far away from the posters list of requirements they may be.
    9) All threads asking for suggestions will eventually have someone post a watch not even remotely close to what the OP asks for- and it will always have a picture of it on their wrist with “I like mine!” under it.
    10) Hamilton Jazzmasters are recommended 100 times more than any other Hamilton but Hamilton Khakis make up 90% of the “I just bought a Hamilton xxxx” posts.

    11) TAG owners feel that everyone hates their watches and have to start a “Why the TAG hate” thread once in their lifetime.
    12) Invicta owners are blissfully content with their watches and seldom post a complaining thread.
    13) Rolex owners were all once “Rolex mockers” until they bought one and learned the secret handshake, ritual, and password to the Rolex Clubhouse.
    14) Breitling owners are very unsure of either fashion or word definitions because they all ask “Is this thing too ‘blingy’(or flashy, shiny, gaudy, etc)?”

    15) Omega fanboys seldom if ever leave the Omega forum to mix with the “average people”
    16) Hamilton and Tissot owners post like crazy in the public forum but seldom are seem in the Hamilton or Tissot forums.
    17) I think Russian fans and Chinese fans are actually the same people with a nefarious agenda.

    18) Lastly, some cut and paste answers to common questions to save you all some time:
    a) Hell no, that 62mm watch looks fine on your 4 ½ inch wrist.

    b) You’re normal – we’ve all sold a kid or two to buy a watch.

    c) We have no idea what you should tell your wife. That’s why there are more divorced men here than at the singles group at your church.

    d) Yes, you should sell your 5 watch collection of Seiko 5’s and old Casios and buy that Explorer. (But please tell me HOW.)

    e) Sure – don’t read the Stickies or 732 posts about what to wear with a suit –you look really sharp with that lime green diver chrono under your tux jacket.

    f) Yes. It looks real. They’re all real.

    g) Sure, I can identify it in that dark, blurry picture taken from 20 yards away. It’s a Patek Grand Complications.

    h) Sure, we can value your granddads watch for you. That’s a 1964 Bulova American Clipper. Worth about 20 grand plus another 5 thou for the beautiful, original Spiedel Twistoflex bracelet. (BTW, sorry he died in bed. Did he still have to pay the hooker?)

    i) I have no idea why anyone would pay for a real Submariner when they could get a nice “homage” like that one for 25 dollars. Nice purchase!

    j) Thank you Tanaka-san, I had no idea that “Orange Monster” was a Japanese nickname for THAT! Does Seiko USA know this?
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    You are a sage! Congrats on reaching 3k; We look forward to thousands more!
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Congrats on your 3k!!
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Congrats! And your post is - in general - a fine (and fun) analysis of some of the most common forum stereotypes. Well done!
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Congrats on 3K! Thoroughly enjoyed the post!
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Best I hit 3K posts thread EVER! Congrats and now go buy a Speedy or Grand Seiko to celebrate!
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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Nailed it!

    "Approximate" congratulations for "around 3000 posts!"

    Hope you'll keep them coming!

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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

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    1. My posts are not shilling other people's stuff.
    2. I own everything that I post and paid for it with my own money.
    3. My opinions are not influenced by any form of compensation.

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    Re: Around 3000 posts!

    Congrats on your achievement, and long sought after milestone....I enjoy your posts :)
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    I rather like the streaking idea, just photoshop out your naughty bits.
    Congrats on the 3k milestone.
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