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    Laughing The Art of Flipping?

    I can't fathom why some folks sell their watches almost immediately upon receiving it, only to buy again and sell immediately again. There are a few watches in my possession that aren't getting any wrist time -- these I'll probably sell soon -- but I haven't "flipped" any watches so far. Are some of you guys addicted to flipping watches? I can see some value in trying out many different flavors of watches in so little time, but to me, flipping and buying often sounds like a hassle. But perhaps it's part of the hobby. So I want to broaden my perspective by hearing from some of the seasoned flippers.

    By the way, I find it a little funny when I read a glowing watch review with the reviewer gushing over every detail of his latest acquisition, only to find the same watch posted for sale a few days later.
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    Watches are like girlfriends.

    I find it hard to believe that every watch you buy fits like a glove. I've gone through over 25 watches and only have 3 plus 1 incoming to show for it.

    So far I have 2 that are for sure keepers. My Rolex 1675 and a Ginault.

    The majority of my watches are bought, sold and traded on the internet. Pictures only tell you so much but in hand and on your wrist is the only way to know for sure if you truly love it (and even then... The honeymoon phase can wear off rather quickly).
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    Re: The Art of Flipping?

    The "not bonding" syndrome?
    Bought online.
    Sure, it looks good on someone elses wrist in pictures, but........I'm just not bonding with it.

    I always test drive a vehicle, why would I not do the same with a watch?

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    Re: The Art of Flipping?

    Until I buy my grails (could take a loong time), I will probably buy different watches, wear them for a while, and sell them when my tastes change. As phillycheez said "watches are like girlfriends" indeed, except watches are much easier to change.
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    Re: The Art of Flipping?

    It's the "Grass Always Looks Greener" thing. For me its more of the hunt than the kill,; the researching part is what I love to do and sometimes the watch "in hand" is well, an anti-climatic let down. Plus it doesn't help that there is not a lot of places where I can actually see the watches and hold them "live" here in my locale. I don't flip watches as a matter of course but have done so as well as swapped (which I prefer). It's a hobby and not an investment so taking a bit of a loss is par, but if a watch doesn't get worn it's marked for deportation Oh, and I won't even get into the subject of straps and bracelets as it is way too sick to dwell on
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    Re: The Art of Flipping?

    I find flipping more fun than a hassle. I've tried out countless watches and brands anything from G-shock, micros right up to Rolex, GO and Breguet. The odd time I do find one that I bond with but that doesn't seem to mean the bond with stick.
    I guess I just see it as part of the hobby. When I list something FSOT I never know what type of offers I'm going to get and that part of the fun. Sometimes I've had trade offers on stuff I wouldn't have even thought of, no matter how much thought I put into my next purchase. Plus obviously you spend less cash than buying continously.

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    Re: The Art of Flipping?

    Quote Originally Posted by 3th3r View Post
    Until I buy my grails (could take a loong time), I will probably buy different watches, wear them for a while, and sell them when my tastes change. As phillycheez said "watches are like girlfriends" indeed, except watches are much easier to change.

    Only watches I'm keeping are the one's given to me by my dad as well as the one's fit for my final "ideal" collection. Everything else is for sale.

    Tastes change, some tastes change quicker than others but to keep something you don't use is akin to hoarding.

    I admit thought that I've sometimes gotten a watch, written a review and sold it in a matter of weeks. Nothing wrong with writing reviews in my opinion. As a buyer, the more reviews there are, the better.
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