Asking for opinions between these four:

View Poll Results: Which one, of these four, would you buy?

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  • JeanRichard TV Screen Grand Chrone Stahl

    3 15.79%
  • Baume et Mercier Hampton XL Square

    2 10.53%
  • Hamilton American Classics Jazzmaster Square Chrono

    8 42.11%
  • Raymond Weil Don Giovanni

    7 36.84%
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Thread: Asking for opinions between these four:

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    Asking for opinions between these four:

    I'm trying to decide between these four watches. Any help, criticism, or suggestion is more than welcome. Thanks.

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    My first choice would be the Hammy followed by the JR then the B&M then the RW.
    Unless, you're not planning on keeping the Hammy long term, because they tend to lose their value more so then the others. The Hammy is equal quality for less $.

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    I like the B&M. I've seen it, the Raymond W. and the Hamilton in person. I must disclose, though, that I already own a B&M Classima Executive, and I have always believed that the company is underrated.

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    raymond weil look nice to me

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    Personally, mixing roman and Arabic numerals like in the Raymond Weil seems a bit odd. Also roman numerals are better suited to a dress watch, not a chronograph I reckon.
    The Jean Richard look somewhat fussy, so that leaves the Hamilton and the B&M ... could go either way but the Hamilton wins by a nose.
    But that's me, not you...get the one that speaks to you and YOUR wrist.
    My 2p.

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    i must admit that i like your style as not many members here are into square watches.

    i don't like the way the dial contrast on the djr is handled. it gives the dial a less than clean appearance as dials center appears to be eaten into.

    the hamilton...what is the purpose of the 6subdial? it is unreadable, thus unnecessary.

    a chronograph on a tank style watch imo defeats the purpose of the tank style and this is what i hold against the baume.

    the rw handles the styling cues better than the others and would be my pick.

    good luck with your decision.
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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    Jean Richard for me
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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    The Jean Richard, Hamilton and Raymond Weil are automatic while the Baume & Mercier is quartz. The automatics have an ETA2894 which is a modular chronograph movement (can make this out from the subdial arrangement). I'd stay away from modular chronographs, since the module has to be tossed away and replaced if anything goes wrong with it (I prefer integrated chronographs for this reason). A modular chronograph would be much easier to repair for the watchmaker, but then a repair would prove quite expensive for the customer. I'd also keep away from the quartz B&M, since you can get a thermo-compensated quartz chrono for much less from Christopher Ward or Maurice Lacroix.
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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    JR has too many numbers, and I feel no love for those cut off numbers(RW).
    Therefore, I prefer the look of the Hamilton or the B&M.

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    Re: Asking for opinions between these four:

    I, too, am into square watches, though not so much for chronographs.
    Those all appear to be hard to read at a glance(not enough contrast), one of my first considerations for any watch.

    Thank you, I'm flattered, but, please don't click any "Likes" for me (unless there's a prize for "most likes")?

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