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    Atlanta Watch Get Together T 4/22 Report

    The Atlanta Watch Get Together was held Tuesday night, 4/22 at The Clubhouse restaurant at Lenox Square Mall in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. We had two rooms -- the Normandy bar room and an adjacent dining room. 28 persons attended, with about 20 staying for dinner. The number of watches . . . . ????
    Thanks to Tourneau who provided each guest with a bag of swag, including a $250 gift certificate on any purchase over $1,000 . . . and a few extra prizes in random bags.
    My apologies to the group for not providing more space for displaying watches. I only had time to get the lighting improved or more tables set up . . . we'll do better next time!!!

    In attendance . . . .
    our lovely hostess, Jan Hewitt (Watchwidow)

    Ken Effinger (Kpe0007) and George Kuhn (Ticketgeorge)

    Christian and David Hawley

    Ryan (Rryan)

    Greg Cronkhite and Andy Pick

    Jeff Stein and daughter Rebecca Stein -- a most charming young beauty, who admirably displayed patience and understanding for our obsession with timepieces . . . could we have a budding watch diva??

    AAP -- Alex and Heather Pacin

    Mark Benedict and Greg Cronkhite

    Jim Grant, Ashley Womble and Zidane -- Nick McDearis; back of Scottman -- Scott Crane

    Jim Moose and Ashley Womble

    and the lovely Mrs. Womble, Michele

    Earlier in the day, the Mooses and the Hewitts visited the wonderful House of Fleming, where you can pick out your alligator, crocodile, lizard or stingray skin and have a custom watch strap made.
    Jim and David each ordered one of the these chairs . . .

    Jim . . ..

    David . . .

    David's lovely spouse, Donna with one of the incredible The Clubhouse desserts . . .

    my apologies to the equally lovely Ginger who I somehow missed -- along with the other guests I did not photograph.

    And, by the way, the Mooses are as much fun in person as they are on the forums. Thanks, y'all for such a good time!!

    Obligatory Dinner Shots

    . . . . and the watches
    Jim and Ginger Moose watches -- wow!

    David Moose watches -- amazing selections

    Christian and David Hawley -- what a great group, but I missed hearing about all of them -- next time!!!

    ticketgeorge -- George Kuhn's amazing collection of Doxa's

    Andy Pick's collection (horrible pic -- amazing watches)

    Greg Cronkhite's JLC movement cufflinks -- way cool!!

    Rryan's watches -- a cool focused collection

    Jeff Stein's watches -- all unique pieces

    Hewybaby -- my stuff

    My apologies for the quality of my photographs -- I made a mistake in the settings and I could not photoshop them any better. The good photos are the courtesy of David Moose. Thanks, David!!!

    Thanks to everyone who came . . . .
    I had a great time and hope you did, too.

    Hewybaby -- Sam Hewitt
    Watchwidow -- Jan Hewitt
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    Re: Atlanta Watch Get Together T 4/22 Report

    by the way . . . Atlanta and Boston have about the same population

    Our attendance beat that of the recent Boston GTG by almost 50%!!!


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