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    attached image

    How do I delete an attached image on a post?

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    Re: attached image

    Quote Originally Posted by stratg5 View Post
    How do I delete an attached image on a post?
    Click 'edit post' in the post you want to remove an image from.

    Go to Advanced =>

    Look for the Attachments section and click 'Manage Attachments'.

    Look at the bottom left are of the popup window. Scroll over your image and click the 'x' to delete.
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    Re: attached image

    1. In the bottom right corner of your original post, click on the Edit Post button

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    2. Click on the Go Advanced button

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    3. Click on the Manage Attachments button in Additional Options

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    4. Locate the image you want to delete in the Attachments field and when you move you mouse over the image an X will appear in its top right corner. Click on that X

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    5. After you click on the image's X, confirm the deletion by selecting OK. If you have at least one more attachment you want to keep you can close the Manage Attachments window by clicking the Done button in the lower right hand corner. If you have no other attachments remaining close the window by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

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    5A. If you try to use the Done button to close this window with no attachments left you'll see the following message:

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    6. Note that this attachment no longer shows up in Additional Options > Attachments. At this point the attachment is gone but you'll still see the image in the message body. I usually right click on this image and choose delete. I don't think you actually have to do that last thing; it just something I do.

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    7. The image is now completely gone from your post. At this point either hit the Preview Post button to review what you've done or select the Submit Reply to complete the re-post.

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