Auction prices redux

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    Auction prices redux

    So the Simplicity broke $900K, The PN Daytona went for ridiculously absurd, Only Watch cleared $10M, etc. etc.

    Two articles today. First is Hodinkee...and for you haters, Jack Forster agrees that the price for the Newman was absurd. But that's only part of the story.

    Then, this is hitting all the news outlets:

    Rare Leonardo da Vinci painting sells for a record $450 million - CNN Style

    There's another article on that sale over on Forbes, that discusses another insanely high-dollar deal:

    And perhaps more importantly, the owner, selling the painting...a Russian. Listed estimated net worth was $7.4B. He's only #190 on the world list.

    It's been speculated there might be a watch bubble soon to burst, but that's not, IMO, the bubble that may be at risk.
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    Re: Auction prices redux

    The 1%. No normal working class man has that much money to bid on stuff like that. Let them spend the ridiculous money on these things so that their wealth flows back into the economy... it's good for all of us in the long run.
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