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    Confused Automatic Watch Service....

    Almost every auto watch reccomends service every 4-5 years. The old axiom in cars was to change the oil the every 3 months or 3000 miles, but my onboard computer stretches that to several months and 5-6000 miles based on actual driving...sooooooooooo

    With the new synthetic oils and improved metal and compsoite components does the 4-5years theory still apply?

    I would like your opinions.

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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    I have been recommended by my local AD to sevice my Jaeger only when I see a change in "performance", i.e. the watch accurancy is affected. That happened after about 7 years. And I do not know how long the watch has been sitting in the shop. Which means lots of saved $$ with the number of watches you own!
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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    I'd guess you could go a bit longer nowadays what with the dustproof/water resistant cases most modern watches have.
    On the other hand a lot of folks have 'em on winders so they are working as hard as if you wore the same watch all the time.
    I'd conclude that if it's a high end watch you saved for years to get, play it safe and follow the schedule. If it's a beater...

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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    If you wear only that one watch every day for 5 years (or keep it on a winder) and notice a change in performance. I would say it's time for service. My Tag went exactly 5 years and started losing time. I paid the big $$ for a full factory authorized overhaul. Now I have lots of watches, so the Tag only gets worn every couple months or so. I don't expect to have it serviced for 10 or more years now.

    It's just like anything else, if you buy the cheapest oil and filter for your car, I would say every 3000 is OK. If you buy Mobil 1 synthetic and a proper filter you can go a lot longer if need be.

    If it is an expensive watch, pay for the proper factory service with timing slips and pressure checks and full polishing, it will go a long time.
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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    zenith says every 18 months. I think there crazy car oil though is up to the owner for the interval. I run mobil one synthetic in the nismo and change it every 1500 miles. others will use the recomended interval from the manufacture. I also change out the clutch fluid every 2000 miles and brakes get flushed every 4000 miles. I beat my cars, so they get frequent service. I would expect the same for a watch thats worn every day. eventually the oil gets dirty and looses viscosity. at that point is when performance is lost.

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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    I was always told "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Seriously, the AD I went to for a Kobold that I used to own said that servicing is based on need, not a particular timeframe. So, get it serviced when it needs it.

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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    I figure why service something thats working fine? Some people have gone 20 years without a problem. Then they get the same $500 service as everybody else and all is well. Of course, it goes both ways, and you might need a service after 3 years...

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    Re: Automatic Watch Service....

    I only service mine when they dont work fine :), but you really wanted to 5 years or so.

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