Aviator/Pilot Style Watch -- Trace the origin

Thread: Aviator/Pilot Style Watch -- Trace the origin

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    Aviator/Pilot Style Watch -- Trace the origin

    Hello guys,

    Just few days a go we were on hot topic of what's "homage" and what not. Which let me think of Avitor/Pilot style type of watches.

    How far can we trace the design features origin of pilot watches? The pointing up triangle with two dots, the rivet strap, the big crown...etc. Many people today when think of pilot watch design and they associate with IWC but I really don't think own most of the design features. They sure have made pilot watch popular again. As for pilot watches, to educate me or many others, what IWC does is absolutely original and what are stuff they should not entitle as "IWC design".

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    Re: Aviator/Pilot Style Watch -- Trace the origin

    I could be wrong, but I think the IWC pilot basic pilot design is called like a TYPE A design with the triangle from the 50s for the British Airfoce ? Then there is the type B "observer" design with the center hours circle and the outer minute markers. I think was the from the late 30s original made by 5 or 6 different German companies maybe IWC, Laco, Wempe, Glaschutte maybe more......for WWII German pilots? While the type A seems to be more popular overall, I think the type B has been homaged by far more mainstream well-established companies in recent years.

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