B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38
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Thread: B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

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    B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

    Hi All,

    I'm back at it with another choice.

    Looking for:
    Around 40mm
    Around £1500
    Dispay Case Back
    Round Shape
    Almost no service needed (very reliable)
    Great value for money
    Vintage/Military Aesthete
    GMT a bonus
    Not something that everyone would have
    Not super thick
    Something that transitions well from office to casual
    Something that's durable
    Prefer it on a brown leather strap

    Choosing between B&R V2-93 and Sinn 856 Nomos Club Campus 38 and Sinn 856 UTC

    The B&R is beautiful but I am concerned about the value for money.
    The Sinn is fantastic but the need to replace the AR capsule is concerning to me.
    The Nomos is striking and would work well for me but is not durable/hard-wearing enough?

    Any thoughts on these three? And yes, I don't have enough posts to post pictures (yet!) - if anyone can help with that, I'd appreciate it.

    Best wishes to all.

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    B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

    1. B&R- don’t be concerned for the value. They are excellent watches. They just don’t hold their value. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the same quality as the others.

    2. You don’t need to change the capsule in the Sinn. It won’t hurt it if you never do. It’s tech that might be helpful when it’s working.

    3. Don’t know

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    Of the 3, the Sinn is the most tool watch, least office appropriate... but still fine in an office setting. OTOH, the Nomos is the least tool watch of the bunch, but maybe the most versatile.

    The Sinn wears larger than the other two--if you want a more comparative size an not have to worry about the dry capsule, consider the 556A instead.

    But personally, I'd be looking around for a decent deal on a gently used B&R V2-93, especially the GMT version. Let someone else take the big depreciation hit from new, treat yourself to a brand new strap, and enjoy.
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    I just sold a v2-93 gmt here for $1700 USD in almost new shape, and I bought it off the forum shortly before that for about the same amount. Definitely look for one used as it will lose value immediately. It was a nice watch. I didnt have it very long as I sold it to make room for an incoming piece I'd been wanting for a long time (omega aquaterra 38.5mm).

    I dont have experience with the other watches you listed, but the v2-93 gmt seems to check every box you mentioned. I really liked the dimensions, especially the thinness. I will say it left me feeling underwhelmed for what I paid (even more so if I bought it at retail). No particular aspect to knock (except a pedestrian movement for that much money), it just didnt feel like that much more of a watch than my Oris divers 65. Actually, those two felt VERY similar in dimension and quality. I haven't compared specs, but I bet they're fairly close.

    Having said all that, it was a nice enough and good looking. I loved how well the date placement was done. Good luck on finding your next watch!

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    Re: B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

    The capsule on one of my Sinns was a sticking point but in the end I reasoned “why deny yourself such a great watch over such a minor thing?”
    The chances of it needing changing fare fairly slim anyway.

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    Re: B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

    My vote is for the Nomos Club 38..I have one and it wears very well indoor and outdoor. This holds up well under intense activity..it is not fragile...but not intended to be a heavy duty tool watch

    Watch has both charm and class and comes with in-house movement

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    Re: B&R V2-93 vs. Sinn 856 UTC vs. Nomos Club Campus 38

    Your watch, your money, your decision.
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